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Intel Core i5 10400F processor in review: Fair value for gamers


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We are amazed at the performance due to the limitations of To brand their processors.

And I will explain: 9400f was without Hyper-Threading technology and now we are with 10400f so of course we will see improvement.

So what? next time Will you remove the 2666MHz memory speed limit and again be amazed at the improved performance?

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Quote of napoleon45

In fact, there is nothing to survey productivity in a processor of this type.

I mean, there's nothing to write home about.

It's like surveying productivity on the Raisen 3200 ...

If you did not understand what I mean. So I wanted to see performance tests on Endbreak, Premier, etc.

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We have a quality review on the site with common sense, and it's a shame that Steve is a gamer And Steve from unboxed hardware for comparison

And in their great folly (lacking the elementary education on their part) killed this processor.

Our Lior who feeds on high level information and a quality forum (quality at an international level I would say) is a thinking man,
Knowledge for a quality and interesting survey, and even without shedding a lot of text, and achieving the task.

Our Lior is all blue and white, in this review, and not only that, it surpassed my reviewers Luxurious and recognizable as mentioned above.
Get a huge hook.

In this tone, let the surveyors go These learn a little and gain knowledge before they allow themselves to spill so much material.
Without it they are quite a few fuckers who in a significant part of the year and it hurts, because it produces contrast compared to other good reviews.


There is something in the Jewish mind that probably makes the difference, and here is one we saw here today with him. The 10400F processor provides 96% of what

Which gives 10600K, and at half the price. One has to be blind so as not to take for granted. To crown such a product as a garbage can (like

Who did the two steps) what shall we say and what was said ... that if there was regulation in the field, they would probably be suspended from the license to do reviews

For the coming year.

In the reality test of value for money and as it appears from Laor's review, the line that passes between the two contestants on the one hand Risen 3600

On the other hand, the Intel 10400F, the extra NIS 100 in our local market or about $ 40 in the American market, does not justify the majority

The cases. Risen 3600 is better than 10400F in very few user scenarios, especially professional applications such as the consumer

Home / Office for most Does not see.

3600 yes fits the scenario of a heavy professional workstation where he will demonstrate his preferred value for another 100 shekels or $ 40, but again,

These are the minority of cases and not the majority of cases. Most cases it is Offices and For a home for children and the whole family, and there 10400F no

Feels a disadvantage compared to 3600. And if it is cheaper as we have seen, then to a great extent. That he is 2-5% better at gaming depends

In the specific scenario this is also an advantage (albeit tiny).

Together with Laor, we will also commend Brian from yes tech city, who is a high-level value performance animal in battle

The reviewers in the industry, who knew how to point to the exact same thing as light and praised the 10400F processor.
That's all how much performance you get for the dollar. And in this respect the 10400F is the number one hexagon in the field

(As of this writing, early November 2020).


Intel and Swap roles in the market, Accepted the underdog position and therefore began to specialize in the segment

Value for money and value processors. This is while Raises the performance threshold in the upper segment (Risen 5000) and inflates

The prices of its laboratories accordingly.

Intel does not remain indifferent to the phenomenon, and provides the consumer audience with perhaps the most important thing, and the one that controls sales volume

Harry of the Cake: The Value Market.
Intel supplies to the community the 4- and 6-core processors that are the bread and butter today, with HT, in a value-for-price equation

Best of all. This is through the new 10100F and 10400F launched earlier this year.

Great control of Intel in the field of $ 80-160 while Does not place a parallel / competing product at a similar price.

After launching the 5000 series and making a phase out to the market from Risen 3000 processors (whose production was stopped in August) AMD will not have

A competing product below the $ 300 threshold. At least until you launch something new. 5600 without X maybe ... but another vision for the date.

Below $ 160 it's currently a market of Pretty exclusive.

Edited By nec_000
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