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ADATA robbed me. you have been warned.


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I bought last year one of their SSDs, the most expensive at the time actually, the GAMMIX XPG S50 PRO. 1 TERABYTE. I bought a way , The drive came faulty and the seller told me to contact customer service In our area. That it's Taiwan.


I sent them the drive, since 7 months have passed, once a month they "update me" that they will not send me the drive this time either, because the EMS service they work with is not currently sending to Israel, a fair claim, maybe, but 7 months have passed since the drive is with them, and no Horizon to see it come back to me as long as there is some Corona closure there, they completely refuse to send me the drive in FEDEX or UPS, I even offered them to give me the money back, of course they rejected this offer firmly.


In conclusion, Who robbed me, my money with them, my drive with them, and them it does not matter that customer service does not actually function in the normal way

See you were warned, do your account if it's not better to pay $ 20 more and buy a self-respecting company


Yours truly



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It is worth noting that their customer service system is draconian, need a million small details to open a call, then you can respond only once to each of their response, if you responded, that is, you can not contact them, until I went so far as to ask a good friend in Taiwan to call To them suddenly things moved a little, but to get the drive not yet on the horizon, according to their reaction to the suggestions he gave

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The part sat with me for a few weeks while I waited for more items for the same computer, when I contacted the seller did not offer me any help other than the address of the support site of From there, you already know the story.


And let's go, let's say Amazon would replace the part for me, what would happen if the part broke down during its use during the warranty period beyond the 30 days that Amazon offers, you would get the same service I received

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Indeed a dismal situation, and indeed quite miserable. This is a large company, one that supposedly "respects itself". 


The impression is that this is a strange edge case that happened because of the corona - apparently in a normal period everything would have gone smoothly - but it does not really matter, it did reveal something pretty shabby in their customer service.

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From my experience customer service at Amazon Trash. Since March this year and the corona they have become very bad.

I have my own story. Do not think it interests anyone.

Right now the situation is not to buy expensive or serious things or that need service from Amazon after the sale. Sharp and smooth.

And I hear every day a few similar ones from others on Amazon. There were no more doubts left on their subject.

Today AliExpress are surprisingly better than Amazon. And since shopping there is for little money then the risk is generally minor.

In some of the purchases, it is better to pay the required premium and receive a product in stock here in Israel than to pay in cash,

And enjoy an orderly warranty of 1 to 3 years as is customary in the industry. Reliable companies give it a go whether it is KSP or TMS,

And I was never knocked in this context in the country. So were 10-20% more expensive, Big Deal. It's worth it in some cases.

It all depends on the context.

Edited By nec_000
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Quote of nec_000

Today AliExpress are surprisingly better than Amazon. .

Everyone has their own story. At AliExpress all my referrals were justified and backed by strong evidence but in over 50% of the disputes I did not receive fair service and lost money. I estimate that this is about 10 out of 20 over the years when most visited (and the last time I bought something so expensive there) it was a loss of about $ 150. 

On eBay, for over 15 years with dozens of disputes, I have a hard time thinking of one in which I did not receive fair service.

Also as a seller on eBay when there were situations where the blame is on the shipping companies, eBay credited the customer without charging me a refund. 

Not that I recommend eBay for buying new hardware, not really the place.


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