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Apple announces a new processor - M1 - and a new era, but what .....


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Quote of the ignorant and the book

Designing a processor and producing it costs less?


What are the reasons for Dark In self-production?

Apple has no small production history Her own. I guess the increases are not as big as one might think.


Her decision to go back to producing Independent for her mobiles depends on a lot of factors that I do not have access to. Ask Johnny Serugi, he probably knows.


But the decision can be summed up in that it will make more money in the end.

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Quote of urib

"Aras" can also be a successful businessman, so what's your point?

Factually, Apple's global market is not tickling Intel, Intel Continue to earn exclusive Dark also.

in addition, Intel Will not give up on the X86, I believe in two to three years Intel Come back big with a groundbreaking processor ... in the style of the "Conero" core for those who remember?

The Pentium architecture was on the verge of doom in 2006 and then out of nowhere ... Intel pulled out my processors Core With IPC of 20-50% performance.

By all predictions, a code name: 'Redwood Cove' should be its "answer" to what Does with the raisins.

7 nm, finally Which is all "3D-Stacked", and may even have I / O die contained in.

Many estimate that Ocean Cove sponsored by Jim Keller Day was canceled at this point, and Redwood Cove is what came out of it.


I wonder what 5 will do against it, of course, if all this is true.





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I'm not so sure it's a leak.

What is the heat envelope of that M1 tested in front Like a desktop 3600X and a chunky 4800 HS?

How can information be extrapolated from such a test when comparing different silicones? Do not know, have to wait to see what the silicon profile of the M1 actually looks like. Something like electrical efficiency per silicone surface must have all the parts in the equation, or at least just one disappeared

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