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Intel has brought a cooler prototype to the processor, without noise, without fans and electronic

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a quote

Are you forcibly trying to be ignorant?
People here are trying to explain to you what it is and you are completely ignoring, not even listening to the Q videoare you(!) You brought, so what exactly do you want?

If I'm ignorant why do you come back all day to answer me? At least I'm asking, you're just cursing not to accept your words as God's 

And everything you write has nothing to do with reality.


You can not explain anything to me, because you really do not understand.

People who do not understand can not explain.


The last thing I want is to get information from you or correspond with you.

And even though I am writing to you for all your names that your opinion is not worth 

Do you keep cursing?

Missing threads to write on?


a quote

Do you think the engineers at Intel are God? Or have they invested more in this product than the minimum possible? So I can tell you that a lot of my friends from the Technion worked there and none of them were God or broke the laws of physics for his enjoyment, if you want to cool something without moving parts

Really do not think that Intel engineers are God but I know they understand much more than you.

Your friends from the Technion, you are here 24 hours, what about you and the Technion?

If you were working or studying you would not be here.


You start telling stories about yourself and believing in what you write 


a quote

 Peltier effect

Again you mix concepts that you have no idea about and their use 

I would suggest you study at the Technion, but I am realistic, you are not material to study or really work.


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