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Blinking computer screen - video inside


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I have a two year old screen, 32 "2K, suddenly recently there is the phenomenon you see in the link

The problem with the screen, it recreates with several sources with different cables and different connections (there are VGA inputs DP DVI)

It has an external transformer


Can anyone give direction what could be the problem, as far as there is a place in the country (preferably in the north) that deals with repairing computer screens?


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From what it looks like 

1. Check the connection of the monitor to another computer to see that the problem is not really with the computer 

2. According to what it looks like there is a problem with the screen itself, it's a problem that Dai reads on old screens, you probably exploded Get on the screen that causes an irregularity in the power intensity that reaches various components inside the screen which can cause jitter and distortion as you show


Check the screen with another computer, and if you still have the same problem, take the screen for repair or buy a new screen 


Good luck

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