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z490m VS h470m for PC programming with I7

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Quote of lompy

good decision.

ל GIGABYTE z490m has a shocking VRM, do not understand why boards are manufactured Z490 With such a bad VRM.




I was there, at least one in front putting in, one up taking out, one behind putting out.

If you buy 5 then that will suffice



Cooling is not bad but they have the same price the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Spectrum RGB

Which has 4 tubes versus 3 in rock slim

By KITGURU (who usually knows what he's talking about)


ה Hyper 212 is Cooling Significantly better.





As for the cooling to the processor, I will talk to them first, see if it is not too late because it seems to me that they have already started assembling it and the processor on the inappropriate motherboard, and their intention to move them to the new board.

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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Based on the boards you have selected, I guess you are looking at KSP. If I'm right then in my opinion the most profitable board for you to buy is the MSI MAG B460M MORTAR LGA1200 which costs 565 shekels. The differences between H4

Need to check, I did not follow Intel boards. If I have time tomorrow evening or the day after tomorrow I will try to check. Maybe someone else knows how to recommend. What is the budget about?

In this price range from the selection in Plonter, it seems to me that the most affordable board is the TUF-GAMING-H470-PRO https://www.plonter.co.il/detail.tmpl?sku=TUF-GAMING-H470-PRO&cart=1605804594687871478

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