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RX 6800 XT and RX 6800 graphics cards in review: Is Radeon defeating GeForce?


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Quote of nec_000

Should be naive to think, that Nvidia which is getting these days crossfire on this issue on the net, of memory too short

In its new 3070/3080 graphics cards, it ignores this and does nothing. This is serious business, with substantial risk for

The head in this aspect, a noise that could cause her damage. So she needs to silence him with an active response.

She does what needs to be sent to the "writers on her behalf" network, who will try to convince readers, "that the volume memory supplier".

She will do it through a proxy (her messengers who are not identified with her - ostensibly private individuals so they are ostensibly

Neutral). This is how this industry works, this is modern PR. Also in politics. That's why I suggest / recommend us all to be a little more

Careful and suspicious towards the subject, and study it in depth seriously. Perform self test at best, with our card and running

Titles and measure. After that smelt a state of lack in VRAM and see what happens (assuming the title allows setting like this, no

All titles allow), instead of drawing information from WWW writers who (we) have no idea who they are, what their interest is,

Do they have a counter to interests as they try to reassure us "Here everything is fine".


Which writers on their behalf? They themselves said this and did not try to hide behind a third party, in addition Steve from gamernexus also quoted them, saying that the figure of consumption Not showing the actual use, and is not maintained at any point that they are wrong.

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Quote of the captaincaveman

You are demonstrably ignoring the fact that the tests were done on a version MSI afterburner that did not show actual consumption of memory.

I will try to connect a screen 4k To the computer to check with the new version.

I would love to know what the test results will be. 

I can personally attest that in resident evil 3 remake they are giving an indication As in ethereal DOOM and according to experience For maximum settings there is a requirement of over 10GB, I think in the 11th range and something at 1440p. Working with the RTX3080 I had a smooth gaming experience with no twilight at all at a high refresh rate. I did not know the version of That tests actual consumption but is good to know. 

Quote of djelectric

I think about devoting time to researching VRAM occupancy, VRAM cashing in modern game engines, and why conventional thinking in terms of VRAM occupancy might be misleading. Not sure it will be particularly popular, but wonder how much is required.

Highly requested =]

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The previous image is in 3440 X1440 with everything on max (including RT) without DLSS


It's in 5K (other settings as before):



So you get to 8.5 GB in a resolution that also suffocates the 3090 ... or in short, not something that is relevant to any card. If I download settings to something that makes the game smooth, the memory drops well below 8GB.

The 8 has 3070GB, and is definitely not a video card that should hold everything at max with RT in. The 3080 with its 10 GB will not be a problem in terms (Again, in these settings it just will not carry in terms of FPS so that it has enough Does not really matter)


And NEC, note that according to the old definitions, it consumes more than 10.5 GB, but does not actually use them.

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Unfortunately I deleted RE3 where I remembered there was this thing and I have no patience to install from the beginning.

I did a test in , Godfall and HZD

I have an RTX3080 and a 1440P screen. I performed the test at the standard resolution and using a DSR of double 4, i.e. a resolution of 5120X2880 through the control panel of .

DOOM at 2880P


DOOM at 1440P



HZD at 2880P


HZD at 1440P



Godfall at 1440P



Here the results would have looked the same, apparently he ignored the increase in resolution.


I drew my own conclusions. Feel free to draw your own. =]




Edited By KobyC92
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