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RT on NVIDIA vs AMD cards


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Hello everyone.
I see that according to the performance tests from across the network, the RT performance of my cards Fall significantly in front of NVIDIA tickets.
My question is whether this is a matter that can be resolved programmatically later by updating Or updates to the games themselves?
Or is it related to something material in the card itself and will only be resolved / improved in the next generation of cards?

Thanks in advance

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NV has dedicated hardware at its core for calculating RT.
To- There is nothing of equal value worth mentioning, they have done the minimum necessary and this is reflected in the results.
This is a material gap that no driver or optimizer can bridge when talking about the same TR level.

if and when Will develop such hardware and assimilate it in future generations so they have a chance to compete with NV on this front, otherwise they will be left as far behind as the situation is today (if not more).

In addition, NV has Another, Tensor, that allows them to gain an advantage in any title that has undergone DLSS optimization (not many of them, requires a great deal of investment).
To- There is nothing similar at this point, perhaps in future generations.

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Quote of jackhammer

Which do you think is more worthwhile, the visuals of the RT? Or the extra memory in Amad's cards (16 vs. 10)?

Depending on the requirements of your uses.
It is more correct to ask if there are and will be games that consume more than 10 GB until your next upgrade so
That you can check what the game requires the most today and try to estimate + - for another X years for you.
You can always download graphics settings in the game to meet the memory requirement but it would be funny because in the first place you chose RT for visibility and then what did you actually do here?

The bottom line is quantity Graphics, just like RAM for the CPU, is meaningless as long as there is enough for proper use.


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Quote of jackhammer

Which do you think is more worthwhile, the visuals of the RT? Or the extra memory in Amad's cards (16 vs. 10)?

No one does not know what the enthusiasm from the RT. As if it's just effects of reflection and it seems to me just interfering. Feels like a non-essential over-effect. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Most of the beauty of the graphics should come from the size of the textures and the resolution. Of course the screen should be high quality with a wide support of colors.

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I'm just afraid that according to the direction in which the games go, the demand for graphic memory is rising fast so that even 10 GB may suddenly not be enough for another 3-4 years ...
So maybe it's worth investing in a 16GB card?
But it's 1: slower than memory at NV
And 2: RT performance is alarmingly low (even at 1080 resolution)

That's why I'm debating ...

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