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A few questions before buying a new computer

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I am interested in buying a new computer soon and I have some questions, first of all regarding the specifications:


Ryzen 3700x processor

Noctua NH-U12S The processor

ASUS B450m-a Prime Motherboard

Team T-FORCE Vulcan Z 64GB 3200mhz זיכרון

Radeon RX550 video card

Antec NX120 Case

Antec VP500P 500w Power supply

1TB HDD and SSD drive MX100 dropped from my old computer and finds no need to upgrade.


Basically the almost exclusive use of the computer is working with data processing and analysis software that requires a lot of memory and a powerful processor and as you can see these are the strengths of the specification, the additional use of the computer if at all is very easy gaming at CSGO, FM21, Among us and Battlefield level. Is the RX1 enough for the BF550? Not looking to run on ultra or something because I have a whole screen anyway U2414H.

My question is how do you think the specification is? Is there anything you would change in the price category of each product? I have some doubts about the motherboard, will it be able to get the best out of the CPU and memory or will there be some kind of "bottleneck" here ?. Same goes for Kit Ram, is it good in your opinion?

Another thing, as part of my attempt to lower costs because the upgrade was not planned for now and caught me by surprise because my computer is out of order I am considering ordering the processor from Amazon or newegg. The kit I order from Because the warranty is for life anyway and the price is very affordable (800 NIS including shipping and taxes compared to more than 1200 in the country) but what about a processor? Is it worth ordering such a sensitive part from Amazon or And does the warranty even exist in this case?

A heartfelt thank you to the assistants.

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First of all about buying online, newegg come with great prices, but keep in mind that a large part of the hardware does not come in free shipping, delivery of a power supply can reach 200 NIS and then it is already less worth it. But the most important part is the warranty, believe me That you do not want to get involved and send for repair of cards abroad, it is a process that can take a long time and disable your computer. Excellent service and normal return and repair policy and unlike .

On the face of it the price differences are not that critical in my opinion, not least an amount worth losing warranty or minimal convenience.


The specs themselves are pretty good, I have a few comments.

How is RAM divided? For how many sticks? Stick to 2.

Is there a reason for cooling such an expensive processor? It's great that you will not misunderstand me, but maybe you can save some money, there are other quiet options, maybe Coolermaster 212 fan is great and costs 100-150 NIS.

As for the RX550 I would not recommend a very tired card, let's say that the BF1 will be able to run almost well on very low settings. Recommends you pay a little more and take a normal video card, which will also be enough for games in a few years, the level goes up very fast.

You can go on Better quality, the most important part of the computer and not valued enough, That lifeblood can burn you half a computer.


Recommended specifications - note not included And storage.

Processor: 1443 ₪ - Octa 7 3700X 4.4Ghz BOX
Motherboard: 299 ₪ - Prime B450M-K 3.1 th
Video card: 688 NIS - * new * - GALAX GTX1650 Up To 1605Mhz EX PLUS (1-Click OC) Dual Fan
Power Supply: 181 ₪ - VP500P 500W 3 Year Warranty

Final price: cash / bank transfer: 2772 
For credit: up to 12 payments 2827 ₪ or 36 payments 2882 ₪


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