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Ryzen 7 5800x OR 9 3900x

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I would be happy to consult.
Quite a difficult choice, there is a gap of 30-20FPS between 1080P.
But I usually play in 2K because I have a screen that supports.
I do not really know the differences between them in 2K because I have not seen such a benchmark.

And I would love a store recommendation from experience. (Except for TMS)
They do not answer at all.

your opinion?

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If it's just for games it's better 5800x, the 3900x with an older, 12-core architecture, consisting of 2 ccd that each ccd consists of 2 ccx. The 5800x with 8 cores all on a single ccd, beyond that improved things more. Currently playing for 8 exploits in general over 8 cores, even as soon as it takes a few years and then the differences anyway will not be significant because the difference between them is not big. 

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