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Consultation regarding computer upgrade

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I want to upgrade my computer (in the direction of 3080 when it will be available) to play on the new computers that will be released soon,

The question is can my computer withstand this and where will I get a bottleneck.


My specification:

Intel i7 7700 @ 3.6GHz

GeForce GTX 1080

16gb memory


I am willing to invest in upgrading the computer up to 5000 NIS

No screen or all surrounding components are required.


Thank you!:)

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For NIS 5000 you will not be able to upgrade anything except the video card.

Only the 3080 will cost you NIS 4000+.


Yes, your system will definitely be a bottleneck for such a card that varies depending on the game.

If you had a 7700K rushed to 5GHz then I would say that the bottleneck is not one that justifies a platform change at the moment

But with the 7700 running at max at 4.2GHz I'm not sure this is the best idea.


The more important question is what resolution you are playing at.

1080P for example makes no sense to buy such a card.

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If you play at 1080p the most I would buy is the 3060Ti, anything beyond that has been completely overkill.

It eats you up half the budget, with what's left you can replace a trinity, or just save.

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Okay, so in case I go for a video card 3060 ti

Which processor should I upgrade to fit the new video card I buy? And add memory?

I have a benq xl2430t screen and no thought Right now (But want you to have the option later) change or upgrade then I will stay with 1080p.


I would love offers and prices with links to purchase :) (Country, Amazon, etc.)


Thank you!

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Wait a minute, you have a GTX1080. I missed it. Recommend looking at benchmarks and checking if the 3060 ti at all is an upgrade that is worth doing at such a price. I think it's somewhere between 30 and 50 percent faster, no more than that. If it was at normal prices then maybe it would still be a very attractive option, at current prices not sure worth it. It depends on your expectations for an upgrade, do not expect double performance.

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