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Radeon RX 6900 XT Performance in Review - Fastest Video Card of All?


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Even in an ideal world I do not really understand the point of this card. Pay $ 350 more than the 6800 XT, get ... on average a few more frames per second? Where is the average difference between them? 10%?


The 3090 with the monstrous VRAM at least positions itself as a card for professional work and for those who owe NVIDIA. The 6900 with the same 16GB of the 6800 and still marketed to gamers, what sane person would buy it for that instead of buying a 6800 or 3080?


It's normal that as you go up you start paying more and getting less but it feels pretty extreme.

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Quote of RAPTOR22il

I still did not understand, my processor Intel They have long been a cliché in gaming, why do you insist on continuing with them in reviews? Is it so difficult to convert to 5900?

The answer is yes, in a fairly simple way.

This is a very long process of exams for an entire library of hardware. We started preparing for this wave of reviews long before the launch 5000 by creating a database of results for existing hardware, and we continue with it, as it is still a relevant processor that can get the most out of up-to-date video cards.


Each update of the exam system examines the platform on which the system will be based. It will happen again during 2021.

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