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Review - Sharkoon Purewriter Mechanical Keyboard


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I know there are a lot of reviews on the net about (Including on this site) and I know you can quite easily find reviews on this keyboard as well.

That is why I do not want to give another general, comprehensive review without a real opinion, we already have that.

I want to write the reviews I did not find that I was looking to buy a keyboard. From the place of the average and inexperienced user.


Background, I have been working with a computer for many years and always only with a membrane keyboard.

My last keyboard so far has been Microsoft Sidewinder x6 for those who know.

One of the few ports of In the gaming world.

After 12 years of operation it was time and I started looking for a new keyboard that is suitable for any use but with an emphasis on gaming.


I started reading reviews on , Has a lot of information and as an inexperienced user I got a little lost.

It's not really clear from all these reviews what will really affect me and what will really matter to me in the end.


After hours of research, and following , Next on us for good, I allowed myself to buy two keyboards.

First of all I bought the Logitech G513, as has been said about it a lot, even here on the site, it is definitely an impressive tool in every way (except for the fact that there is no wiring for the numlock which is a real shame).

Unfortunately I missed the G413 which disappeared from the shelves very quickly, so I invested :)

Anyway, there was another keyboard that winked at me, the Sharkon Pure Reiter.

It is very cheap for a mechanical keyboard (NIS 260 in Black Friday), good components, good reviews and looks amazing (to my taste).

I did not hold back and also bought it in the red switch version.



Sharkon: A relatively old company in the field that provides gaming products mainly to the low and medium market. In recent years, an effort has been made to provide high-level products, as have the reviews.

Keyboard: These are Kailh switches, lighting , Thin and delicate looking keyboard with low profile keys,

n-key rollover support, anti-ghosting keys and a polling rate of 1,000 hertz




To sum things up so far:

To date I have only worked on membrane keyboards, last month I purchased two And on them the criticism is based.


Sharkon's keyboard is just perfect for my taste.

Its keys come in a low profile which is significant.

For those who are not experienced in mechanical keyboards, they originally have keys the height of skyscrapers (for those who come from the membrane world) and have a noise that may wake up the neighbors.

The low profile buttons of the Sharkon respond so quickly and are fun to the touch that it is a real experience to work on. They are also very quiet and give an addictive feeling.

It looks perfect, looks clean, minimal and simple, does not take up too much space on the table, which is a very important detail for those who do not have much real estate (like me).

In terms of lighting, looks very professional and invested, there are enough shortcut keys that can be played with the lighting without (I haven't even tried to install it yet).


Bottom line, you don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a mechanical keyboard that is both impressive externally and very comfortable to addictive.

The transition from a membrane keyboard probably removes from me the habits that veteran mechanical users are used to and addicted to.

The low-profile keys make me feel at home on the one hand and addictive on the other hand in their speed, their touch and the sound they produce.

Although I only have it for a few weeks and days will tell how it survives in the longer term.


For those who want to save even more real estate, it also has a TKL version that is without the NUMPAD and therefore more suitable for gaming.

Hope I helped someone.


Link to the manufacturer's website


By the way, I also bought their mouse, Sharkoon Light2, which is particularly light and therefore intended for first-person shooting games, it is also a high-class tool and at a really good price, but that's a different story.





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  • 1 month later ...

I’ve also been a man of membranes ever since, thinking of trying a mechanical keyboard first (and somehow he doesn’t deserve to do so). Questions about the sharkon:



Is it possible to turn off these ridiculous lights?

  1. 2. How low is the low profile? Or rather - what is the distance that the dome of the key travels by pressing, until it stops at the bottom?
  2. 3. Why exactly was the red switch version that attracted you ("I did not hold back")?
  3. 4. You're implying that high keys are always noisy ... but I remember it depends on the switches.
  4. 5. The keyboard is supposed to be typed, and you are focused on the game.
  5. 6. Are the dimensions of the keyboard the dimensions of a standard and simple membrane keyboard, or is it relatively narrow? (I do not like narrow keyboards)
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  • 5 weeks later ...

1. I have not tried the truth, I will check you, but there are really delicate and pleasant profiles, do not feel like a disco.

2. Unlike a standard mechanical keyboard, where the keys feel higher than normal, a low profile feels the same height as a standard membrane keyboard (not like a laptop which is shocking in my opinion).

3. Cost benefit :)

4. Absolutely not, I mentioned a historical fact about . You are right today there is everything from everything and the switches are the ones that determine.

5. In my opinion crap, keyboard is keyboard it is keyboard. I work on it (encoded) much more than playing on it (Fortnite). Precisely in the game you are so busy with a game that the keyboard has no meaning, it is just comfortable, you do not think about it. On the other hand at work I enjoy it much more.

6. Its advantage and disadvantage (depending on what you are looking for), which is minimal, there are no macro keys that take up real estate.

I did not take measurements, in my opinion it is really in the dimensions of an average membrane keyboard. If this is important to you, take measurements of a keyboard you like in front of that keyboard.


Hope I helped (late :) )


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