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3060, 6700XT, 3080Ti and everything in between


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3060 with 6GB This is the 1060 that had only 3GB ...

A card that people skimped on a few pennies to buy then, only to find that after a year it was worth nothing

And in hand 2 it is also impossible to sell it at all ....

It's a trick to make a buck on the backs of those who do not understand or do not think two steps ahead ...


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Apparently a very urgent pick to flip it fast or not checked the prices before. The lowest I have seen in Hand 2 and other places is 500 shekels, but as always - with a little patience you can also sell the most. What I sold at 700 is another blower version. 


It's really a high price and most people will probably not have such luck, but 550-600 is definitely achievable.


As for the shattering of the dreams of whoever purchased the new Nvidia cards as stated here, we will wait and see. If I'm still here in two or three years, do not worry, I will not forget to give an update if my 8 GB is still relevant or if the card has already expired. Women special focus on some games in 2023 will require 16 GB of :)

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I'm the guy :) 

The reason for the price is that I am not stressed about the money and the card sits and does nothing.

Rather find him a new home and make someone happy.


I just exchanged the 2070 Super for 3080, I sold the 2070 Super for 1,000 NIS to someone I know who can not afford a ticket at the normal prices on the market and since I know how much he likes to play on the computer and never played properly .


Attaches my new toy (my I7 8700K reward limits me on Cyberpunk 2077 and I'm on OC to 4.7GHz).



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If so then straight force, renew. I felt a little uncomfortable selling it at 700 but when the stores are bullying consumers who want to upgrade to the new tickets it is not hard to understand why the 2nd hand market also went a little crazy. I never thought I would really get 700 for it and somehow I fell for the only Israeli buyer for whom the face value is not just a starting price.

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The current price of NIS 400 for a 1060 caliber ticket is much closer to the reasonable and reasonable price,

Than 700 shekels, which is an exorbitant price and detached from reality.


True, there are suckers / naive? .... who pay an exorbitant price in hand 2, not everyone understands in this area

And who like me knows ...


Will say thank you and feel just fine our dear friend Or, if he manages to find a buyer at 400, because this is a reasonable price worthy and fair : )


If I had how to help the light I would help him, but the only friend currently relevant and I asked him yesterday if he wanted,

Prefers to buy a new 3060TI for 2600 NIS together with the computer he orders.

** It also has a VAT refund so in general new relevant.


And renew light, enjoy the new toy - Mabrock 🎉


Edited By nec_000
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In the meantime from what I understand, in January comes the standard 3060 (not TI) With 12GB memory Priced at $ 329 .... at a performance level of 1080ti failure ...

And RT and DLSS capabilities for those who want to taste them.


Ahla Deal in the world ...


Once it hits the market - second hand prices will start to fall sharply properly ...

There's nothing to wait for : flipa:

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The matter is very simple, this 3060 will have With 192-bit bass (compared to 256 in 3060 TI and 3070, and 320 c3080) which means that if you want to give it more than 6 GB, the next jump is only 12. 8 is not possible. So you will get 12 GB and very slow bandwidth.


That's generally assuming it's really true, right now everything's rumors. It would really look silly even if it had a logical explanation, but Can't win here because even if she gives this card 6 they will kill her for it.

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