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3060, 6700XT, 3080Ti and everything in between


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Quote of ch33

Using DirectStorage (readable HERE) Which will also arrive in Windows in the coming year and may reduce in the first place the amount of information that needs to be stored in VRAM while playing


Unfortunately it does not help. VRAM has a fast access speed, typically around 400-800Gbyte per second in the current generation,

While storing the textures on a flash-type device , For example using a protocol controller , Talking about order rhythms

Size of 2-4Gbyte per second. Ie 1 parts 200 only. That it's no go


Even when using The computer itself in order to store the textures, these are typical rhythms of

20-40Gbyte per second which is not enough either. It is clear from the data above that on the one hand the flash device is even worse

Than used in For this task.


The whole reason for inventing VRAM is to bring the raw materials closer to the GPU core, to ensure very high speeds,

That only they are able to enter the fast power rate of the GPU. In fact VRAM is like the cache of the graphics accelerator

Which prevents it from dropping to .



** Do not accidentally confuse with the "new cache" first embedded in RDNA2, which is actually a new layer that constitutes 

cache for the VRAM itself.



Edited By nec_000
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Quote of nec_000


Instead of "educating" me about who is the main consumer of volume memory In Graphic Acceleration Today (2020), Learning and the Mind,

Do yourself a favor. Here is the link to the source:



And here is a copy of the things in the link to save a click:


"The component of the effect of resolution on VRAM memory consumption is relatively small, compared to the consumption of texture storage,

A process that expands over time. I will explain below.


First a quick test you will perform in HD resolutions, 1440P, 4k, Show you, that the increase in VRAM consumption is very small.

Much less than the default assumption. But the explanation is that what changes in the increase in resolution is mainly the frame buffer

(Which holds the final output in favor of its display to the screen), and a little more also intermediate calculations, which hold the render time, and they also do not consume

too much. They also evaporate after the rendering of the frame is finished and are removed from memory.


The HD image is 2 million pixels, and in a 32-bit representation, it is 64 million bits - which is 8 million bytes. Or 8MB. Miniature.

Even if you go up to resolution 4k Consumption increases fourfold to only 4MB. Remember that a video card has 32 (or more) GB, so all

This increase in the resolution of both the frame buffer, and even if it is of the triple buffering type, including the intermediate calculations in time

The render (until they are purge), do not tickle the huge sea of ​​VRAM nowadays, the one measured in such gigs.

8GB = 8000MB.


Therefore it is understood that the textures inhabit 80% or more of the total memory consumed, and probably already over 90% even (it progresses with

The years). The reason for the progress is that as time goes on, the volume and quality of the textures increases at a rapid rate, doubling every 3 years

Roughly speaking, while the memory consumed in favor of the calculations and the frame buffer remain fairly in place, or progress but very slowly, 

Adjacent to the rate of increase in resolution (which is slow).



That if we have 8GB VRAM consumption, over 7 is just the textures, and less than 1 is the rest. Therefore do not get caught up in the resolution

As an element that significantly affects VRAM consumption, but rather to the quality of the textures themselves which have a much greater impact.

Nowadays a situation has arisen, that running the heaviest title in textures but at low resolution, will still consume a lot of VRAM memory. 

As mentioned, sterilization is used to cach the heavy textures.


Unlike frame buffers and intermediate calculations that are volatile after finishing displaying the frame on the screen, the textures do not pass

The process of purging the entire duration of the game / simulator. Since the process of drawing the balance of the frames also requires the

The textures go on. The textures are not volatile for the duration of the work.


From now on we talk about consumption memory In a video card, as of 2020, no more significant importance is attached to the issue of resolution.

Once upon a time in the distant past it was significant, today it is no longer. For once the resolution carried heavy weight (equivalent to textures)

In memory consumption, while today this is done to a negligible order of magnitude ratio, which only continues to expand from generation to generation.


In 3 years the textures will need 16GB instead of 8GB, while the consumption on the computing space and framebuffer will increase

Suppose an order of magnitude of 1GB up to 2GB. And in the next attraction the textures will again go up from 16GB to 32GB, and if the rest goes up

From 2GB to 3GB .... Dayano. Pretty quickly understand what's going on here:

The slice memory Consumed in favor of textures soared up at an exponential rate, while the slice memory The volatile does not infect it. 

That is why we have already reached a situation today in 2020, in which the share representing the resolution becomes secondary in importance, compared to the share representing

The storage of textures.


** You can see in the technical explanation above, an extension of the article on implementing cache in graphic cores, which I published

Here in the forum last month. The explanation here provides further insight in favor of understanding the aspect ratio and the role of cache in the process. "


*** A breakthrough in the world of graphic acceleration - cache



full hd is two million pixels not hd and from what i understand spintech 2077- full hd, , ultra form over 6GB vram

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HD is set to a 1920x1080 resolution standard and is about 2 million pixels. Do not use full text.

The additional marking is also a 1080P signal which means 1080 lines in the image.


The term P is progressive, unlike Interlaced which has not been used in computerized display media for many years,

But something anachronistic in the TV signal of yesteryear, which was PAL or NTSC.


In a 32-bit pixel representation, which is how it is represented in computer graphics, the capacity is 64 million bits, which is 8 million bytes. 

Or in an 8Mbyte abbreviated registry.



Edited By nec_000
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Quote of OR2OOO

I'm the guy :) 

The reason for the price is that I am not stressed about the money and the card sits and does nothing.

Rather find him a new home and make someone happy.


I just exchanged the 2070 Super for 3080, I sold the 2070 Super for 1,000 NIS to someone I know who can not afford a ticket at the normal prices on the market and since I know how much he likes to play on the computer and never played properly .


Attaches my new toy (my I7 8700K reward limits me on Cyberpunk 2077 and I'm on OC to 4.7GHz).



How is this version? Because there is also FTW3

In terms of noise and everything around

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Quote of zone glide

How is this version? Because there is also FTW3

In terms of noise and everything around

Surprised me for good, I read reviews of course in relation to the size of this cooling card is very good and quiet, but I did not expect what I got.

It's quieter than the Noctua NH-U12S I have for the processor, and also cool relative to the cooling size, stays at less than 80 degrees while playing, in Idle it hovers at 37-43.

In general my dilemma was between MSI VENTUS, ASUS TUF, EVGA FTW3 and EVGA XC3 (need something to go into the R5 with a drive cage).

God- Rose significantly more and was not in stock (he was the leading candidate), Fell because I did not find enough information about it, the FTW3 was almost purchased, but in the end after a lot of digging I realized that the differences were not significant enough to add money for it and so the CX3 was chosen.

The card itself did not feel too big, it felt very similar to the 2070 Super I had, which is the advantage for me.


Very pleased and recommend.

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Quote of Yosef Refaeli

 According to this table (if it is correct) they come out quite scoundrels. Those who want more than 8 GB vram can only buy the 3060 ti or the 3080 ti which is very expensive already



The prices of msrp are currently only a recommendation, for now it seems that in Israel you need to calculate according to a dollar exchange rate of 5 to 6 shekels, just delusional prices especially that the dollar exchange rate is at the bottom.

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UE5 will be huge for the next generation of game development. But there are two big reasons that we'm excited about UE5.

1. File Sizes - Including , , and 12K

UE5 will allow larger file sizes - and the use of , , and 12K textures.

Let's say a player is looking at a cavern and sees a stalagmite. It's rendered in . But as the player zooms in, the resolution changes dynamically. And the player sees the stalagmite rendered in 12K.

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As we speak and time passes, the rumor grows that in January 6700xt will be launched with 12GB of course,

When its best custom versions, the taichi / phantom or the XFX merc,

Will allow operation at a frequency of 2.8ghz and it will give in such a situation performance at the level of 2080Ti / 3070 : bash:

Combined with a $ 400 price tag, this is a shot. In my opinion, the sale will begin in stores in February, when availability is reasonable

More just a month later. $ 400 translated on (When in stock) For around 2000-2100 NIS, price to the house in Israel, including VAT.


With 12GB it does not suffer from the problem of lack Of their 3060ti / 3070 only 8GB,

And will therefore give peace of mind to buyers, at least 3 years ahead in this aspect. 

Edited By nec_000
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  • 2 weeks later ...

Slightly disappointing news,

The launch of the Navi22 known as the RX6700 in the market name is postponed to the end of March (planned for January).

The reason: Lack of allocation of 7nm silicone at the manufacturer .


After all, they are already not in demand, when allocation is also required for Risen 5000 processors,

Also chips for consoles (of And Sony), also 2 series RDNA6800 cards, also processors For servers ....


We hope that in general they will be able to find an assignment in March for the issue, because as it seems at the moment, the situation is not particularly optimistic.

And if so, then they will make a preference - allocate silicone to what is most profitable in the product line, while giving up the rest.



Edited By nec_000
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