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Gaming Headset Recommendations

Or Gindy

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Hi friends I'm interested in buying Gaming in the NIS 400 range right now After the market survey I did I was debating between 2 models 


SteelSeries Arctis 5 7.1

Razer BlackShark V2 


I am aware that there is much more Good as And LOGITECH 


But I would love to get a nod to these 2 models if anyone understands this more because YouTube does not have enough information about them


Thank you 


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I'm looking for something relatively professional in this price range I realized these are serious companies Steel Series for example I see that they are used in competitions and things like that 

And Reiser's headphones I really understood that until now they were trash cans and only recently (starting with this model) they have improved and done good things in this model specifically because of that I asked about them but you argue that it is better to go for a Sennheiser without any hesitation at all

What interests me the truth is the separation of the sounds and how one hears steps and distance of characters

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There is nothing professional about gaming headphones, it's simple For everything. Gaming competitions use what the sponsors push for. Defining the target audience of most gaming equipment (only a mouse with a really good sensor matters) as "Fortnight Kids" is pretty accurate unfortunately.


Those who want quality buy normal hi-fi headphones from a good house (Senheiser, beyerdynamic, audio-technica, - such) and then breaks his head what he is doing with the microphone. The sound quality is much better than what you get in any set of razors or steelseries that sell you a brand and that's it. For specific gaming if you care about accurate directional sound you should Open back type.


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I'm with Cloud Alpha and very pleased with them, bomb sound quality, very comfort and the microphone also does its job superbly.

Stay away from headphones "7.1" is a marketing remorse in headphones, it will never really give you an experience of a real surround sound no matter what will be perfected in headphones. Besides that in most games today there is already a kind of "surround" built into the engine of the game.

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7.1 It's a total built - in dsp that mixes the channels and gives a sense of Peripheral. This is of course not a real surround sound but also not entirely regrettable, today there is And soundbars that do a decent job of simulating surround sound. Again it is clear that this does not equal the real thing. 


When it comes to gaming that requires Accurate headphones have one major drawback; Since the headphones are on the head, the sound center is constantly changing, since the head is constantly moving, and with it the sound center. 

Therefore always Would be a more natural option, or headphones with head-tracing as in the audeze mobius, that is Wonderful that solves the problem of sound centering in gaming in headphones. 

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Of course I have no experience with them but from reviews I have seen, when it comes to gymnastics, the 3D feature is not really that useful because in general you look at the screen all the time and it does not make such a big difference and even in them the 7.1 is not very successful.


In any case this audeze mobius Of $ 400 not NIS 400.

If we stay in the sane price range of an average gamer then 7.1 is a pretty mapping gimmick.

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It seems that you respond without understanding at all about it and also did not bother to think a little before you responded.


Head-tracing does not belong to surround sound or 7.1 simulation at all. This is a technology that allows you to center your chin Image using a built-in sensor in your ears so that even when you move your head sounds coming from the center are still heard in their exact place, which can be critical in competitive gaming and of course adds to the game's realism experience. 


Many gamers today use Ultrawide screens at the very least, and given the average screen width and viewing distance, the head is constantly moving during the game. Not to mention the body movements and position that the chair comes in front of the screen. Even if it is a slight movement of the head and / or a slight deviation in the position / angle / height of sitting in front of the screen, as soon as you wear , This is enough to disrupt the "locating" of the exact sound source on the "surface". 


This is where the head-tracing comes into the picture, which after calibration simply knows how to place exactly the center of the sound, so that in fact even if you turn your head completely off the screen, you will still get the exact position of the sounds on the screen, , Which of course are static on the table and do not move with you where the head / body moves. 


Second, I did not recommend the Mobius, but rather explained the differences and benefits of using Vs , And like I said it has nothing to do with 7.1. 


Third, it's funny that you use the word "sane" that you refer to one of the two main senses that are used in gaming and in general - sight and hearing. It reminds me of those who buy a computer at 10k for gaming stingy on screen and speakers. 

In the end everything drains into what you see and hear, obviously performance is of paramount importance as well but the peripherals in these uses are just as important. Therefore, whoever buys a video card every two or three years for NIS 3000, it would also be "sane" for him to invest once in a pair of headphones or At a very high level that he can enjoy for many years to come. 




Edited By Roy.T
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