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Gaming Headset Recommendations

Recommended Posts

Quote of Roy.T

It seems that you respond without understanding at all about it and also did not bother to think a little before you responded.

No, you seem to be responding without reading what I wrote.


Quote of Roy.T


Head-tracing does not belong to surround sound or 7.1 simulation at all. 

Nowhere did I write that there was a connection between them.

I wrote that 3D does not seem useful to me, and that even in these specific headphones the reviews say that 7.1 is not very successful


Quote of Roy.T

Many gamers today use Ultrawide screens at the very least, and given the average screen width and viewing distance, the head is constantly moving during the game. Not to mention the body movements and position that the chair comes in front of the screen. Even if it is a slight movement of the head and / or a slight deviation in the position / angle / height of sitting in front of the screen, as soon as you wear headphones, This is enough to disrupt the "locating" of the exact sound source on the "surface". 


This is where the head-tracing comes into the picture, which after calibration simply knows how to place exactly the center of the sound, so that in fact even if you turn your head completely off the screen, you will still get the exact position of the sounds on the screen, speakers, Which of course are static on the table and do not move with you where the head / body moves. 


Quote of Roy.T

Third, it's funny that you use the word "sane" that you refer to one of the two main senses that are used in gaming and in general - sight and hearing. It reminds me of those who buy a computer at 10k for gaming stingy on screen and speakers. 

In the end everything drains into what you see and hear, obviously performance is of paramount importance as well but the peripherals in these uses are just as important. Therefore, whoever buys a video card every two or three years for NIS 3000, it would also be "sane" for him to invest once in a pair of headphones or speakers At a very high level that he can enjoy for many years to come. 

Most gamers do not have Ultrawide screens and no card at 3000. Most gamers have a 1080P screen and a MID-RANGE video card.

I do not agree with you about the usefulness of 3D. It might be a nice toy for those who have money to throw at a computer for 10,000 shekels, no more.






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Quote of lompy

In any case this audeze mobius headphones Of $ 400 not NIS 400.

If we stay in the sane price range of an average gamer then 7.1 is a pretty mapping gimmick.


I have no problem of reading comprehension. Maybe you wrote one thing and meant something else, but it's not related to me anymore.

Note that my original recommendation was at all to Sennheiser that this is her ears without any DSP and no shoes. This is her ears with Great and quality microphone

Depending on the budget, no less and no more.


You're right, we're still alive in 2010 and we're all still with square 20 - inch screens. 

Browse YouTube gaming setups and you will see countless set-ups of 12-year-olds with concave 49 "screens.

The minimum today is usually a 27 "~ 32" screen, at a viewing distance of about 40 ~ 50 cm, so whether you like it or not, the head (and body) is constantly moving 

While fast gaming.  


At the same time, you will also look at the sales volume of video card manufacturers and the computer specifications forum here and around the world; A gaming computer with an average cost of NIS 5000 ~ 6000 has a video card that costs at least NIS 2000 ~ 3000, ie GTX-1070, GTX1080, 2070/2080 in previous generations, and today -3070,-3080. Those who designate their system for general use may compromise on intermediate cards. 


Second, the use of all sorts of blown-up terms like 3D is primarily for the benefit of branding and advertising, because that’s what sells, not dry and boring technical data.

In reality, this head tracking Which exists long before the Mobius, and it's a real thing with a great deal of engineering behind it.


Odyssey took the existing technology and adapted it to Mobius. You may not agree until tomorrow, but you said yourself that "of course" you did not try them, but I did, and I even had two pairs so far. The experience is completely different, regardless of HEAD TRACKING which is a very effective tool for placing the sound in the right spot, but also in the overall sound experience which is light years from the "gaming" headphones of Reiser & Co.


No ear is perfect, not even the Mobius, but with the amount of features and technology compressed in the Mobius in addition to its planar driver it is certainly clear why the price is higher. 



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Wow Shamu. It seems to me that you are the one who is used to "being right" and that no one will put you in place since most of the old forum members who understand a thing or two in their field are hardly active here, which leaves a lot of space for trolling. 


Your understanding and knowledge in the field tends to zero, and you are still arguing with someone who swims and lives the audio field everyday, without any thought that you might be able to learn something and pass the knowledge on, instead of trying to argue like a jerk. Typical troll behavior. 


good luck to you too : )

Edited By Roy.T
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