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Order most components from abroad - what do you think?


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Due to the current situation of video cards and processors and their availability in the country, I finally got to order a card + processor from Niue ..

Now, the system on the face of it will be expensive .. probably over 10K NIS ... and now if I order the other components from Niagag as well .. I will probably be able to save a total of something like 1000 NIS ..

Maybe a little less maybe a little more ..


Anyway, I wanted to hear your opinion because just somewhere I feel so uncomfortable to purchase a system for such a sum without any warranty in the country ... but I thought to purchase here in the country some of the components even though a little more expensive ..

Like a board, etc .. in Israel it is not much expensive, just by weighting .. it comes out around 1000 NIS ..


Although on the face of it the video card is of And the warranty should not be such a big headache .. In any case in Israel I probably will not have a warranty if in the end I do order everything from there ..

What do you think anyway? Apparently it was also caused as a result of the current situation .. 


As for the motherboard - I prefer to purchase Since this is a 5900X, although I know there are B550 boards that are newer and more up to date .. but the preference is .. and the question is - is it necessarily worth investing quite a bit of money in the board if it does not receive an upgrade in the future? Since at the moment the socket has probably finished its way ..


Are there specific components since you would offer to purchase in the country in spite of everything?



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First of all disclaimer: I ordered all the components that are on my computer at the moment except for a chassis and power supply (bought second hand from a miner).

In my opinion, an ordinary person should only order at the moment , And storage.
And I will detail the reasons:
The difference in price between a video card from abroad and in Israel can reach over 30%, so even though it is a relatively large and complex component, there is a chance that the transmission of the difference in price will be harmed by it.
Memories and storage (not hard) also give a very large difference in price and at the same time are not at all sensitive to transportation.

In contrast, motherboards do not usually bring extraordinary savings from similar boards in the country (usually about 10% at most from what I have seen) and are very very sensitive to transport and very very difficult to diagnose problems with if you do not have spare parts. 
Packages almost never come out cheaper due to shipping costs and there are very many in the country At a cheap price in a global comparison.
Power supplies again usually cost a lot to move due to the weight.

Now regarding the motherboard, the only reason to buy This is if you need a specific feature that only boards Can give, for example a large number of storage drives (over 8), if you want a recommendation for the board will give budget and uses and we can help you more.

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Another point to reinforce what Moon-Mage said - And SSDs are also reliable components without moving parts that are largely undead and the probability that you will ever have to exercise warranty on them is super low. In my opinion for people with some knowledge and experience in hardware who assemble and deal with the computer on their own and do not need a warranty from the store on a complete computer - there is no reason to buy these things in the country.


A video card usually I would not buy abroad, but definitely worth it if the price difference is as significant as today.


Why the preference is really? I do not know what you read but there are no boards Problem running 5900X too. In most "relatively" X570 boards the voltage regulators are no better and even less good than those of boards .



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I do have knowledge in hardware and assembly .. you just know .. buying such a system without feeling that you have something available here in the country is a feeling not a bit the best maybe ..

Anyway, I came across something that surprised me - there are quite a few reports with such people From the 5000 series that are having problems at the moment ... crashes, etc.

Even after BIOS updates and on expensive boards ...


Apparently my thought here has started to become a reality .. and the processor itself was purchased from abroad ... and processors do not tend to spoil almost in a big way ..


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