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An excellent forum on a site that needs improvement!

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Suggests that you give some points for improvement so that it will be constructive reviews.


I will use the discussion to raise some points that I think are quite problematic


1. The site loaded what cache, it's just awful and awful.

     You do not see new articles as they come up and many times you do not see new posts added to the discussions.

     I keep finding myself pressing CTRL + F5 for the site to work properly.

     It is very simple to add one line to the code of the site that will tell it not to load what the cache is.


2. The matter of auto-scrolling on the main page is a spin but why does it appear on every page of the forum?

    When you get to the end of the discussion and keep scrolling you start to see all the articles from the main page.

    Really unnecessary in my opinion.

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  • Long charging times. Sweet potato server.
  • Aggressive cache, almost always knows that if the page loads too fast then it needs to be refreshed because it is old.
  • In the cache mobile is so aggressive that even a refresh does not solve the problem. I have to browse from the desktop computer for rent to browse here.
  • Too much overlay, why need the sticky menu up and down the uploaded content that is not related to the forum. Was much better than a fast-paced minimalist forum.


* The discussion here will be deleted like the other discussions opened on the subject

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In my case the site loads me fast (between 1.5 and 2.5 seconds) and I do not experience any issues mentioned here. On the other hand my browser is set to not cache at all and every opening of the browser claims everything is clean (my favorite Firefox).

In theory working with a server cache or cdn is recommended and I would not cancel for anyone who suggested (except for dynamic content that needs to be updated immediately). You can of course set different expiration times according to what the site owners will want. And by the way, for those who use chrome, then Do not like to refresh the cache even when there was such an instruction according to the code and in my opinion can be blamed. Also does not delete cache after asking it to delete all information and history.

As for the menu above it does not bother me, but it may be possible to refresh the choice of categories.

One thing I would suggest in the articles, is to add comments or snippet of comments in the forum if there is a discussion about it in the forum. Maybe at least a link to the discussion.


updating: Yes there is inconsistent loading what cache of parts in sending a response. Modified responses return to the previous state from time to time. It's really worth checking that the parts that must be dynamic will not load what the cdn cache is.

I also knew the fact that some of the comments in the posts are not displayed unless you log in with the username to the site. I do not know until now if this is a method that aims not to show Google or regular users content that has not yet been reviewed and may not be of high quality, or maybe this is also a problem.


Edited By NR
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