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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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To our delight lanzar's friend after a massive pressure campaign, agreed to lend us his new 3090 for a short round of measurements,

And Lanzar was able to seize the opportunity before she escaped. Some Next to each other to see physical dimensions and be impressed by dimensions

For it is part of the experience of these things:


Open the box:



Facing each other first side:



Opposite each other:



And next to it a view from above the length and width of monsters 3 heavy and massive slots:



In my opinion there is no room for comparison at all, the 3090 is a statue in itself, an impressive and prestigious art exhibit like a clock

Premium brand hand. It's like putting The newest modern and luxurious on the market, compared to a basic plastic product of .

No forces at all.


Immediately the first set of measurements will be uploaded, stay tuned ...




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Quote of yoavke

Like I said, less significant is how much you get relative to how much someone else got with another system.

What matters is how much you get, on your system in 3 modes.


Absolutely right Yoav, so we are not lazy and get all the tickets all as you can see. Accordingly, we run the same system

Risen 5000 is optimized to the ceiling, which is reserved for all measurements. This maintains the apartments' performance and ability to compare with each other

In exactly the same environment.


Another thing we do, is look for the best OC we can get from any card, because that's how we users actually went

The advanced ones (like the people sitting in this forum) actually work with these cards. After all, we are exploiting OC potential and there is no reason not to exploit it.


Also check where the optimal OC of memory card passes, that if it helps in measurements, then Him too.

And if he is evil, then no of course. Kerry do not check what the maximum it reaches and brings to collapse, it is not good we learned,

Instead, check where it is effective and does not lead to errors, and make sure that you do not go through this continuum.

In the case of NVIDIA it greatly helps us to squeeze out more performance in this issue of speed And so we take full advantage of it.


Another very good news is that this 3090 is excellent - doing 2100mhz 😋 In the heart. So to our delight we again got an excellent representation of the Model 3090,

Which illustrates to us the supreme humiliation that empires are capable of doing in the present generation. We will prepare you for the future, we already say that the performance is better

From our hurried 3080 and quite a bit in some cases, so there is something to look forward to. Our 6800xt finally has a serious competitor going through it in part

Of the measurements (but not in all).


** Regarding measurements e phantom 6900xt we have to share, that before lanzar had time to run a series of tests of the card

And his haste and bringing them to us, the customer whose card was intended for his system, came early to pick it up and we were unable to measure the card.

Our failure. 


I tried as hard as I could to get lanzar to delay the customer for the day, but I was not successful. It was a customer who wanted the machine here and now so she ran away

Us under the arm. As compensation two things:

The first is that lanzar immediately ordered another ticket from And it is to be assumed / hoped that it will arrive in about a week - two weeks, a rough order of magnitude, if there are none

Surprises or glitches along the way. In addition, Lanzar managed to run a single Benz (during the impression of the time card, he prepares the machine for the customer), 

The so-called sanity check, and we saw a nice improvement in 6900xt resolution Compared to the 6800xt. So we believe / appreciate that there definitely is

It is in our interest to wait for the second ticket to arrive and to measure a full set on it as well, like all the tickets we have made so far.




Edited By nec_000
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If so below our first measurement set of 3090 is rushed to 2100mhz, Excellent and very close to what we achieved on

The 3080 TUF our. 


This speed = 2100mhz represents the top low that can be achieved on this series of empire and good that way.

We also got another 3090 card that did only 1950mhz in comparison, we did not bother to mess with it because of it. 

* Details on this below.


If so, in maintaining the order in which the titles appear, as in the previous presentation of the measurements, start with:


In the title Gears5 puts out the rushed 3090 our 153.2FPS



Compared to the hurried 3080 our Released 146.2FPS (scroll to the previous page in the thread where its result is famous). This is improved

Handsome of 4.8%.



In relation to these and this specific title, our 6800xt released 170.8FPS.

This is the title case that Lanzar still managed to run a short sample on for the 6900xt and before the card slipped under his arm

And delivered to his client. In this sanity measurement the 6900xt did 182.2FPS. We will not have any more 6900xt measurements today

Except for the gear5 title, until we get the second 6900xt card ordered from abroad. Here it is:



In the title Horizon puts out our hurried 3090 146FPS



In contrast, our hurried 3080 released 136FPS (scroll to the previous page in the thread where its result is famous). This is improved

Handsome of 11.2%. 

In contrast, our 6800xt released only 142 FPS. We see that 3090 rushed passes the 6800xt rushed at 2.8%.


In the title Red dead redemption our 3090 puts out 116FPS



In contrast, our hurried 3080 released 105.6FPS (scroll to the previous page in the thread where its result is famous).
This is an improvement of 9.8%.

On the other hand, we remember that our 6800xt also released 116FPS, which means that the 3090 aligned with it.


In the Hitman2 title our rushed 3090 puts out 135.45FPS



In contrast our hurried 3080 put out 131.5FPS (scroll to page first in the thread where its result is famous). This

Improvement of 3%. In contrast, our 6800xt released 146.2 FPS.


In the assassin's creed odyssey title our rushed 3090 puts out 98FPS



In contrast, our hurried 3080 released 91FPS (scroll to the previous page in the thread where its result is famous). This is improved

Handsome of 7.7%.

In contrast, our 6800xt released 95 FPS. We see that 3090 rushed passes the 6800xt rushed at 3.15%.


In the title borderlands puts out our hurried 3090 126.22FPS



In contrast our hurried 3080 put out 110.12FPS (scroll to page first in the thread where its result is famous). This

A very handsome improvement of 14.6%. In contrast, our 6800xt released 137 FPS. 


In the metro title our rushed 3090 puts out 125.33FPS



In contrast our hurried 3080 put out 109.93FPS (scroll to page first in the thread where its result is famous). This

A nice improvement of 14%.

In contrast, our 6800xt released 118.4 FPS. We see that 3090 rushed passes the 6800xt rushed at 5.8%.


In the title tombraider puts out our hurried 3090 180FPS



In contrast, our hurried 3080 released 168FPS (scroll to the previous page in the thread where its result is famous). This is improved

Handsome of 7.1%.

In contrast, our 6800xt released 177 FPS. We see that 3090 rushed passes the 6800xt rushed at 1.7%.


These are therefore the first set of 8 measurements under 1440P.

It can be seen that the 3090 card is accelerated to a level similar to / equivalent to the 3080 model - ie to a speed of 2100mhz

Makes very good performance and opens a very nice gap over the 3080 as expected. And in some cases it of course passes

Our 6800xt.


Now for dessert until we arrive in the evening without a vow for measurements , Some extra material:

The first of them is, that we had under hand also 3090 one unsuccessful in Uber clock, did not pass 1950mhz, so we did not bother

In general bring it to the thread. What yes, we measured it a sanity test and as mentioned we did not like it, here is one such example:



It can be seen that in such a situation it does not impress remarkably above our accelerated 3080, and therefore is not worth treating and is not

Faithfully represents our goal, while the good 3090 we achieved (the second) does 2100mhz, and also improves very nicely and provides

146FPS - so this is what we decided to bring to the forum:



Here's lanzar and I while talking about it:




And the second extra material is that the same 6900xt card that we did not manage to measure except for two sanity tests before it escaped us

Under hand, which is in the first title gears5. Where the 6800xt did at 1440P only 170.8FPS, the 6900xt did 182.2.

And in the same title where the 6800xt is below Made only 87.1FPS, impressively the 6900 xt improved to 101.3FPS



So these two extra ingredients were brought to the group to provide more insights into our hands:

The first is that when we measure empire cards that are capable of doing 2100mhz it is not an obvious thing, and Elmley were

We get enough tickets from each such model, two 3090 and over 10 3080 cards, we were not able to get to the situation,

Who perceive the good in them. We are at a relatively advantageous point, being able to sort and filter the better cards, also for the better

The measurements of course to represent for us what we want and seek, but not only, but also in favor of the fact that the 3080s

golden sample model TUF we located, passes to me after that and will be my private card. Kerry will not sell to a foreign customer of

launch. This is our private profit from the sorting of tickets.

In this regard we find that the gap of 3090 over 3080 is respectable perhaps a little more than what the online reviewers have caused us

to think. Maybe because systems Generations 9 and 10 that are somewhat outdated in terms of IPC, on which the cards were measured, were compressed for us

The gaps a bit? 🤔


The second is, that although we did not capture a set of measurements on 6900xt, from the single sanity test since we only performed in the gears5 header,

We were happy to find that it still manages to improve over 6800xt - especially in There was the gap, where it was more likely to happen.

We are therefore eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second ticket ordered, because we have an appetite for it.

Edited By nec_000
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The corona does well in market demand for complex and ready-made systems, you do not understand how much. And it's really not that simple to get premium parts

At a reasonable price - to assemble all these systems, it is difficult to obtain in Israel, and difficult to obtain from abroad as well.


But all this does not deter the lanzar who struggled to satisfy the demands of all his customers to the last of them, and scrambled from the winery and from the threshing floor of each unit

That can be obtained in this difficult period, what can be ordered from abroad rather comes from abroad, and what can be obtained here from the importers get from them.

Including what to buy in individuals from all sorts of private scalper brought to a new country, only for the purpose of selling in the local market, everything goes when the goal

Sanctifies the means. Well done for the tenacity and diligence.


I'm already truthfully starting to get lost here in piles.

I have only one request from you lanzar, check all of them please, do lab binning, sanity test because there is no transit time

of course. Check specifically the tuffs of What interests me most is to see who is better among them for the current tuf we have.






Edited By nec_000
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Quote of the captaincaveman

What closes with these messages?

What do they contribute? Porn of box card boxes?

Not so clear to me ...


Season the technical boredom of the thread a bit with a bit of off topic from the side. 

Like sprinkling powdered sugar on a donut. It has no real value, other than some cosmetics to its appearance.


In 2018 I had Such beautiful ones, of about 50 1070 cards in a huge pile of tributes that we unpacked, I did not hang in the forum, and maybe yes?

do not remember.


But there was a beautiful sight. Each of these dusters has undergone an overall of new improvement cleanliness and sale. We made some pocket money

From the side. It was fun, but in fact very exhausting. Not sure I would want to again, except to take myself some tickets and that's it.

And it will come another cycle I guess (hopefully) in about a year when they stayed once again. lanzar and I have been waiting.


Edited By nec_000
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Quote of Jabberwock

Need to start blurring the photos!


Is this porn?

They are all still packed virgins in their boxes.


When you disassemble the tickets in a second-hand chain in your honor, to the level of the chip, do a restoration and a bath, take pictures before and after, this is real porn ... 

Edited By nec_000
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lanzar worked yesterday until the wee hours of the night (between 2 and 3 in the morning) and conveyed perfection to us.


First to the debt we had to complete, our 3090 in 1440P titled red dead redemption was completed, 

We updated the post from yesterday so that it now has the full 8 tests. 

* For those who want to save the rollback, we will update that it came out 116FPS, compared to 105.6FPS for our 3080, and is the same 

Why does our 6800xt = 116.


We will now move on to performance , And as before we will save the hanging of the masses , You will find them all zipped together in ZIP format and possible

Download (attached at the bottom of this post). Here we will summarize where the 8 measurements of And Leiden will be the ones who came out on the previous tickets

As a reference for comparison:



Our 3090 makes 98.8FPS

Our 3080 makes 87.8FPS 

Our 6800xt does 87.1FPS

** In the only measurement we provided on the aforementioned 6900xt before it escaped us, we saw 101.3FPS (see previous page post from yesterday).


Our 3090 makes 92FPS

Our 3080 makes 79FPS

Our 6800xt does 81FPS


red deathd redemption

Our 3090 makes 80.4FPS

Our 3080 does 71.6FPS

Our 6800xt does 73.8FPS



Our 3090 makes 92.16FPS

Our 3080 makes 82.38FPS

Our 6800xt does 98FPS


assassin's creedodyssey

Our 3090 makes 74FPS

Our 3080 does 65FPS

Our 6800xt does 77FPS



Our 3090 makes 74.24FPS

Our 3080 does 63.87FPS

Our 6800xt does 72FPS



Our 3090 makes 83.17FPS

Our 080 makes 72.41FPS
Our 6800xt does 70FPS



Our 3090 makes 108FPS

Our 3080 makes 95FPS

Our 6800xt does 101FPS


To summarize:

Our 3090 - a sample that performs Good and stable at 2100mhz, opens a nice gap over our 3080 (which is also excellently accelerated).

On average 1440P resolution measurements (previous page) our 6800XT is still faster than our 3090, but in The transport passes in favor of 3090.


Comments to members' attention, how to interpret the findings, and on what to base:

This is a limited sample of only 8 titles, if we had the opportunity and time to sample more, such as a quantity of 20-40 titles,

We would get a more accurate picture. But even in the absence of a large sample and using a sample of only 8 titles, it is possible to get the picture

The principle-general, about the positioning and position of each of these models in relation to each other. Understand and feel how it behaves. especially

In all of the above to compare the family within itself -> 3080 versus 3090. We got two parallel brothers in the OC aspect which is 2100mhz so this

Faithfully represents a brother in front of his family brother.


Regarding the speeds and frequencies we achieved, we must keep in mind that the empirical cards we found do not necessarily represent the average overclock that can be obtained

With a single random card we bought in the store. Out of two 3080 cards we took the one that made 2100 and even showed us flickers for 2130, and not this one

Stuck over 2040. Therefore we recommend focusing on the series Tuf.

Out of two 3090 cards we took the one that made 2100, not the one that got stuck in 1950. 

This means that the speeds we have achieved do not represent the typical "average" in a single random card that a private customer buys, and this must be taken into account,

That is, we do not want to mislead the reader, and after that lead to disappointment in those who have not fallen for a good exemplifier. And so we note this.

The fact that people like lanzar have the option of binning and taking the good for themselves, as a side effect of the field in which he is engaged, is not a privilege

That exists for the small private consumer. 


At the same time in the case of 6800XT we had two cards, we measured in the current thread the slowest of the two, simply because it came first

And was the one available to us at the time. The second ticket arrived only after a week.

The first card did a typical 2740mhz, the faster one did 2770mhz. Even so, this is a relatively small addition of the order of 1%,

Or mostly 1FPS in measurements, not something dramatic.

Compared to the warning given in the speed cases of our empire cards, in the case of the 6800xt series phantom, we feel

It is more convenient and safe to reassure, that in our opinion, anyone who buys such a model has just warned of , Yes can rely on the haste we have reached.

As it seems these represent the typical average that can be obtained with a random card from this series. These are not the only 2 samples we had on hand that reinforce

This, but also data that we searched the web and saw, because the majority get them in this series as well. We are therefore more relaxed in this aspect and appreciate, yes

You can rely on this haste with a calm heart, this is not something too unusual or special.


So what do we have left?

We have left to bring you the 6900xt and make a champion final between him and the 3090 below . It will certainly be interesting, whether he will close the gap

That the 3090 opened at 4K resolution, or that the bowl would flip over and the transport would move to it?

In this regard we currently have only one measurement out of the 8 titles, in which specifically it does indeed pass the result of 3090 (101.3 vs. 98.8)

Under gears5, but of course we would not be in a hurry to conclude on the basis of such a single case something real.

lanzar and I are in an internal gamble between us, who will be the champion of champions: Is this our accelerated 3090 to 2100mhz, or the 6900xt we will get.

Be happy it sure : ) 


Shabbat Shalom is quiet and calm for everyone




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I will try to make a video today / tomorrow in areas that are affected as a result of too much memory rush, at the moment I only have pictures from 3DMARK, which showed a decrease of 7.3% as a result of For memory in RDNA2 cards. This matter was repeated in the two 6800XT I had, and also in the 6900XT I managed to test.


You have to understand, approach one game to do a quick test in 2000 and one in 2150, to say here, it's not true what was said, it's a mistake. Because like I said, it's a title dependency, and sometimes even an area dependency on the scene being tested.


What we should all be happy about is that there is finally a real competition son ל , Which if it continues like this will contribute to all of us as purchasers of one card or another.


AMD promised to compete with Intel, and compete with In this generation. And they totally did it. I'm glad for all of us that this is the case, at last.

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So the bottom line is 2K resolution :


The 6800 XT phantom Better than the 3080?


I'm really debating between the 6800 XT and the 6900 XT.


Is it really worth paying another thousand and buying the 6900 XT and speeding it up or is the 6800 XT above and beyond?


Anyway, I would love to see a comparison between 6800XT and 6900XT with 2K resolution soon of course (Phantom versions)


By the way, I saw that there is also a version With Email Bios for 6800 XT, interesting ..

Edited By KF
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Following on from Lanzar's above, the following are the measurements in both situations:

Same 6800xt card, in both modes the accelerated core is the same of course, but once the memory defaults to 2000mhz,

And a second time is rushed to the maximum possible in the slider and is 2150mhz.

The result is not ambiguous, it is clear, sharp, and poignant.


A 7.2% decrease in performance in Benz whose entire purpose is to measure net GPU tier performance.


Here without the knock of the memory speed = 2000mhz 



And here if the drop in performance just because of the memory speed to 2150mhz frequency comes out 7.2% decrease:



Edited By nec_000
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Quote of KF

So the bottom line is 2K resolution :


The 6800 XT phantom Better than the 3080?


I'm really debating between the 6800 XT and the 6900 XT.


Is it really worth paying another thousand and buying the 6900 XT and speeding it up or is the 6800 XT above and beyond?


Anyway, I would love to see a comparison between 6800XT and 6900XT with 2K resolution soon of course (Phantom versions)


By the way, I saw that there is also a version AORUS With Email Bios for 6800 XT, interesting ..


To your question KF, from what we manage to obtain from all the tests we have done, our 6800xt model , Faster than 3080

The fastest available because we have a golden sample, both in 1440P and in And we showed the gaps about 7 plus percent in 4K

And about 10 plus percent at 1440P.

But this is in front of the 3080 golden sample, if you fall to 3080 more average, the gap will widen of course. For comparison card 3080

Our second, did not pass 2040mhz, while the golden sample knew how to do 2130mhz. There is about 5% Delta here just in case.


Compared to 3090 probably one of the fastest there is, for evidence we were able to get with it 2100mhz, we saw that our 6800xt

1440P faster than it, but slower than it is . This means that if you do not fall to 3090 which makes 2100mhz like ours (for example

The second card we had did only 1950mhz) so it turned out that our 6800xt would be faster than the same 3090 also in .


We are currently waiting for the 6900xt card to measure it, in our hearts only a preliminary and careful evaluation at this stage, which is with

Potential to beat in measurements everything we have measured so far. But when he arrives we will be smarter. We have to wait another two weeks, patience



The question of the viability of what to purchase is quite clear and there are consensus on the subject:

Even if there is a performance advantage of 10%, and even to 15% in the better cases, which 3090 / 6900XT are able to provide

Above their cheaper 6800xt / 3080 brethren, since their price is much more expensive than those 10-15%, they are not worth seeing

The cost benefit. Especially not the 6900xt.


The real competition is in the real prices in practice, ie 6800xt versus 3080 when each of them comes with

Its advantages (performance, RT, , Adaptation to professional software for those who need it, etc ...)



Edited By nec_000
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Quote of nec_000

The real competition is in the real prices in practice, ie 6800xt versus 3080 when each comes with its own advantages

(Performance, RT, memory, Adaptation to professional software for those who need it, etc ...)


Thank you so much for all your investment in the subject! It's really not obvious. 


So what are the real prices you think are worth buying these tickets for?


Obviously at $ 700 we will not buy 3080 in the coming year, so how much more is it still considered reasonable?

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Okay thank you ,


I am looking forward to comparing the phantom versions of the 6800XT / 6900 as they are rushed at 1440P.


I noticed that it is very difficult to get a 6800XT in the Phantom / Teichi versions and as a result I almost bought the outrageously expensive Phantom 6900XT yesterday (5600 NIS including shipping and taxes).


Today the 6900 XT is also out of stock, but from time to time it pops back up.



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