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Profitable software in the cloud and information security


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Hey friends 

I hope this is the right place and I also hope I do not go through anything at all (and if I missed it just say so : ) )

I recently looked for a solution for basic customer management as well as bookkeeping 

I came across a profitable one that really offers perfectly reasonable prices 


I signed up for their trial period in a cloud-based system 

According to the support woman I spoke to, the software works * only * with a browser EXPLORER * and * only if you allow their extension * and * only if you add their site to trusted sites


For some reason it feels a little out of place in terms of information security 

And a bit outdated ... 


I would love to hear your professional opinion 

And if it turns out that it is indeed worthwhile to stay away, I would love to hear about alternatives : ) 


Again I hope I'm in the right place 

And lots of thanks 

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You are right but they are not the only ones. Practice - if you were now going to start from 0 I would not think of them at all.

Explorer is an antique product whose final support ends in another two months. The EOL product even before you start working with it.

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AG43 - Thanks for the response 

I am indeed aware of this and that is why it lit a red light for me ... The problem is that I know that some of the service providers in the country 

Really require an employee in an unsupported or secure environment and this creates a feeling of wrong or improper work for me 


I would love to hear about software recommendations Or localities that allow the production of accounting documents 

That do not require compromising on information security and working with very outdated systems 

I do not have many requirements .. Basic customer management 

Production of receipts and credit clearing 


There is someone who can recommend (if it contradicts the rules it is also possible in private of course) 

It's important for me to note that I'm not looking to create a marketing post here 

It's just important to me to also keep the computer and information of the business while working with accounting and CRM software 

This post was written from the perspective of information security and perception of software service providers in our small country : ) 


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Your red lights are definitely justified.

She is not the only company. There are a number of other small businesses, mainly government institutions.


Like you were told, if you are not anchored in this product, you will run away.


There are many solutions in the United States for managing individuals' accounts (where it is more common for ordinary citizens to file taxes).

I recommend you google in English and just make sure it supports Hebrew if you need to (should not be a problem)

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