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Del - Screen problem


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Need advice. I purchased a Dell screen less than 3 weeks ago. A shadow would appear next to some of the letters that were written (for example in Word). I talked to them and sent and so'. They said they would send a technician to check. In the meantime I have consulted here in the forum. Write to me that this may be due to the connection (there was VGA). The technician called me (who I'm not sure is a technician. I think it was just a courier). I told him they told me it might be the connection and if he would like to wait a few days I would check if it was happening with a DP connection on a new computer that was supposed to arrive. At first he told me yes, then he told me he would replace the screen and that's it.


I replaced the screen and again when scrolling at some sites I get azure streaks while I scroll the mouse pulley.

Del for them claim that this is a hardware malfunction. I tested the screen on two different computers, one with a DP connection (with two different cables) and one with VGA and in each of the tests it happened. I tested both computers with a screen of And it does not happen in it on both computers.

They tried to set up And did not help.

It is very difficult for me to capture this in the video because it only happens when what appears on the screen is in motion. I would love if you could tell if you see the azure stripes in the following video:

It appears next to the reaction the girl responded to while scrolling.

Having no choice I tried to capture it while taking a picture and no . I will attach below. Do you see the light blue stripe in the photo?


Del says that maybe it has to do with a refreshing pace and all sorts of weird ideas of sorts.

Although there is supposed to be a warranty up to the house they refuse to send a technician to see the fault with their own eyes and for them if they do not see the fault in the video, there is nothing to do. I was told they would try to get the manager to see what they were doing.

I will note that I have had thin screens in style since a decade ago and have never experienced any malfunction with such a screen or stripes. I never got to call customer service regarding the screen.

With a del to be healthy I have already spent 5 hours on the phone. Each representative re-checks, and each time has to re-submit videos. Very frustrating this lack of documentation of theirs (no WhatsApp to forward. Everything should be emailed)112.thumb.PNG.b9cde9e36f4808d4dbba239c365599e1.PNG


What can be done in front of them in such a situation?

Does anyone know a solution to the problem?


EDIT: I forgot to note that the new screen does not have the shadow problem even when I connect with VGA.

Edited By law89
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The model is p2419h

Yes, it only happens when scrolling but it happens in specific areas. For example in the comments area of Or in the area where you see a detail of the product in TMS, etc.

Do you see a light blue stripe in the picture?

I will immediately try to switch screens and watch the video on the second screen. It's hard to see the stripes in the video anyway so I do not know if that's the reason or if other screens really do not see it.


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Quote of Jabberwock

In the picture yes.

Therefore it can be deduced from this that it is due to the pixel rhythm of the screen.

Try entering settings in the on-screen menu and playing profiles


What a beauty. There is finally proof that there is a glitch.

Is this something you think is solvable? Del with all their attempts failed to fix the problem and they are not ready at this moment to come to me for repair at home. I sent them the picture earlier. See if that changes their minds.

Can tinkering with settings damage the screen?


I just went to the site I bought the screen from and it no longer appears there (I wanted to see what is listed regarding the warranty. I remember for sure it is a warranty to the house, I just do not remember if it appeared on the site or it was clearly in front of Dell before the purchase from this store. Screen warranty card). What I do see are 2421. models not so respectable from the store that they know they are going to sell a newer model at almost the same price a few days later and they do not offer the customer to consider the newer model (without the sale, the newer model is even 50 shekels cheaper "H).

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Quote of Jabberwock

of course not. You also have the option to reset to factory settings.


I tried to go up and down values ​​to minimum and maximum. Did not go.

What can be done in the face of del who are not willing to take responsibility?


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Quote of Jabberwock

How long does it bother you? It's a kind of artifact. As screens with VA panel have a smear of black.


From the moment the second screen arrived.

I'm 95% sure it was not on the first screen. Otherwise when I told them about the glitch that appeared on the first screen, I would tell them about that glitch as well.

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Negotiations are currently underway with the store to cancel the deal. I'm generally not interested in taking a third screen from this model even though Dell gave okay.

After 7 hours of talking with Dell, I had enough with this model. Maybe I'll elaborate a bit in the future on what went against them. I am very dissatisfied with all their conduct. They put me in serious mud with the cancellation of a deal due to the fact that they did not update the warranty and could not handle me during the 14 days from the date of purchase (I applied on the 13th day with the second screen). They also recorded the screen on someone else. The mess is celebrated there.


I would love recommendations for other models from Dell or other companies.

How is Dell generally considered in terms of level of screens and in terms of level of service and warranty?

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Quote by law89

Do you have it? 

I do not have it. The link I gave shows 3 reviews on Zap.

Quote by law89

What is the difference between it and the poor?

The main difference is that the resolution is higher QHD and wider color support. Worth the extra price.

Quote by law89

I want to buy two and it comes out a little expensive (probably compared to the Samsung I have and costs less than 500 NIS).

I understood. If you want So this:

Samsung S24R350FHM

Note in one review he notes that it cost 540 NIS from electrical warehouses. The price in Ivory is currently 615 NIS

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I would rather purchase a screen that someone has experimented with after the surprises I had with this screen (if there will be such reactions).

I do not know if I have anything to do with QHD. excluding Am I supposed to see a difference?

In such a small screen would there be a difference between FHD and QHD?


The Samsung I have:

screen PLS VGA S24F350FH 23.5 "SAMSUNG


I'm not sure if it's the same screen as you brought.

I will fix myself it cost more than I thought, I did not pay attention to VAT. It is currently in:

Assuming they are identical. I had no mishaps with him for two and a half years. One drawback is that there is no DP port, which will make it difficult for me to connect two such monitors to the new computer (I do not have a VGA port in it so I will also need some cable).


I may be considering trying the Dell 2421 but have been a bit apprehensive about the Dell.

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