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5600x CPU temperature


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Quote of Moon-Mage

I really do not understand people, what the hell do you care?
For the sake of interest, the temperatures turned around, but the preoccupation with them less.

Yes ah lol, but just for the sake of the test I was interested in what I have on average and the same, even lower and I with block.

Could it be that they are equivalent in terms of cooling? After all, he is a people liquid.


And to the author, do not worry about a total normal temperature.

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It depends on one hundred and one factors (case, components around, ambient temperature, whether the cooling fan is turned off in idle and what noise it is tuned to and God knows how much) and in any case irrelevant unless you get to the point where the CPU lowers frequencies due to temperature (not something that will happen to anyone With Likely).

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Just add the words of Moon-Mage (who is absolutely right!):

Cooling water lowers temperatures by passing air at ambient temperature over a radiator filled with liquid, but this air will never cool the liquid below its own temperature. Therefore, unless you use air that is colder than ambient temperature (i.e. liquid nitrogen or air from a cooling air conditioner By compressor) will never reach a temperature lower than the ambient temperature. Of course the process itself is not 100% efficient and therefore will not usually reach ambient temperature. In addition, as Moon-Mage said, it depends on many other factors including components, speed of rotation of the fans and so on.


The temperature itself does not matter at all: there is no difference for the computer between 40 degrees and 60 degrees. A modern processor is set to work up to 100 degrees (at this point it will turn itself off) and above 90 degrees it will slow down and slow down so as not to reach this state. Up to 70 degrees at this load is a completely normal condition, and if the processor exceeds 80 (without overclocking), it is worth checking whether the cooling is functioning and / or replacing a thermal ointment.

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