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Recommendation for an office computer with a future upgrade to data science


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I would love a recommendation for an office computer, with at least 32 .


budget: Up to 2000.

Highlights: To be able to upgrade to 64 , And it will be possible to add a video card that is suitable for deep learning in due course.


No peripheral equipment required.

No need for a quiet computer.

No operating system required.

No standard connections / ports required.


A case of relatively small dimensions is preferable, but not Carty.


SSD is needed

Specification of camps in the center is needed


Beyond that, there are no special emphases, other than giving good value for the price.


Thank you


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I would not recommend you a small case and certainly not a matx board, if you are planning to invest in a video card.


Why not a small case? Because a small case may limit you to the size of the video card you will buy.

Why not a matx board? Although sli is no longer popular but this is not a gaming system, today there are environments Which allow you to utilize more than one card and do so effectively.

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I admit I'm not a price expert, but I think your budget is too low. You can get a reasonable work computer at such a price, but upgrade it later to Deep Learning? To do deep learning you will need a lot And disk space (deep learning loves examples. A lot of them. A large database means a lot of storage space). In addition, even though the learning process itself runs on the graphics processor, you still need a powerful processor with a lot of "around" core work - pre-processing the information, feature engineering, preparing a training / testing / validation set, preparing the learning information to send to the graphics card, Processing results, etc. Only a small (though significant) part of the process is done on the graphics card itself.

Maybe it's worth using external resources for deep learning (Google Colab, etc.)?

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