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Problems with the Radeon 6800 xt video card.


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Two days ago I received the new video card 6800 xt se. I connected it to the computer and everything worked fine for a few hours.
Then, the computer started making problems. Anything that uses the graphics card causes the computer to crash, I can not use any , Of course not to play on the computer.
My computer crashes even when I put computer wallpapers from a wallpaper engine.
I tried to do a few things like: disconnect and reconnect the video card, delete and reinstall the driver, and a million other things, nothing solves the problem.
I would be very happy if you could help me in this matter.
Computer specifications:

  • AMD RX 6800 XT SE
  • AMD 7 3700X Tray
  • Gigabyte B550M PRO
  • DDR 4 32G (8GX4) 3600 CL18 DARK For TEAM
  • Gigabyte 750W PFC Gold 80+ Modular
  • Addlink 1.0TB S72 M.2 2280 NVMe
  • Samsung 970 EVO 512GB
  • CoolerMaster Hyper 212 White LED Turbo Cooler

These are the issues I had when I crashed my computer (in addition to the black screen before):


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Quote of Moon-Mage

Did you delete the drivers with DDU in safe mode?
If so then I would start by checking if the video card works on another computer and if so then I would reinstall Windows (if not of course the video card is screwed up and requires replacement).

The drivers were indeed deleted with DDU in safe mode. I will really need to check if the video card works on another computer

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You have another video card to check on your computer (preferably of But also of NVIDIA will help to deny)?


Could it be that you have some software that blocks access to video card access software?

Any antivirus, firewall, EDR ...

Plus, did you go over the software installed on your computer? Is there anything suspicious?

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