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RDNA3 - Preliminary information for next year

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fine got it. It really is as I thought. It will only work in a game without any element of online (i.e. other human players) and requires the ability to connect to the same server obviously.

It looks pretty much the same as what we would have done about a decade ago (which I described above at Ragnarok Online) only with a more automated tool. The technology is advanced :)

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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Oh, lay down, a piece of old, crazy trouble. Do not throw your complexes at me. Go near 2 buy some second hand fans and clean them. If you think I have any sentiment for one of the companies that I purchased a product from one of them, you are Leg

I try to read all this correspondence because the subject interests me but I can not shake off the fact that you are talking about the same thing .... the caveman says something and then the NEC says it is inaccurate and basically explains the exact same thing a

The situation you describe is not from an MMO, and there it would really be useless. The actual use of this is to run, for example, 5 completely identical characters in parallel, on the same server, in the same instance on the server so that each action is done in parallel

That is not accurate. If you are looking for wow multibox pvp. You will find quite a few examples.


In the end, there is no practical difference between pvp and pve in terms of usability.

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