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The hard disk is noisy


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When I turn on the computer the regular hard disk 1Tra Western Digital makes a noise like the noise of a faulty fan for half a minute and then stops. What do you think is the problem? Is he at the end of the road? In the meantime, to be on the safe side, I responded to the data 

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Most importantly, and better late than ..., you backed up the material.

Regarding the hard mode - : nixweiss:, Hard to say.

It can really indicate the end of a battle and may not.

Sometimes there are no fault alerts at all and sometimes

The drive drags on for a few more years with all the "symptoms".

Download Crystal Disk or any other software you see

What is the "health" status of the drive, and all this in a rather limited guarantee.

The best and most important thing is to back up the material, and you've already done that.


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There is a diagnostic tool of WD itself

It knows how to run tests (there is short mode and long mode) on the disk and also read the data from the disk's SMART.
Start by checking the SMART to see if there are any alerts (if there is anything it will show you).
And move on to a short test (a few minutes) and then a long test (a few hours - with a volume of 1 tare, probably one night will suffice)

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