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Mechanical keyboard upgrade

maya li

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Hello everyone

I was recently thinking of upgrading my keyboard, I currently have a keyboard Standard at work (programming) and a cheap mechanical keyboard (RK G87) at home. 

The difference is obviously very noticeable, even though these are unfamiliar brown switches. The thing is that most of the day the use is on the keyboard of work and I thought of upgrading the thing to make it more convenient and fun to use :)

I have not tried too many switches so there is no preference, but it seems to me that the blues will be too noisy for me (or the team members, if and when we return to the offices)

There is no budget limit, but I do not want to spend a serious amount if the same feeling can be achieved at half price and only purple individuals will feel the difference, I do not think I am there (yet, maybe later)


Ideally I would buy the drop shift just because of the numpad I sometimes lack, especially when using a calculator or messing around a lot with numbers, but again, maybe there is something similar for less money (still upgrading from something Chinese to a drop is a piece of cake), but TKL's offer is wide Much more and maybe later a separate numpad acne

The next candidate is drop entr but it seems to me that the feeling will be similar to RK and then I expect a slight disappointment, there is no excitement in it either ... a little hard to explain but she just does not do it for me

RGB is nice but not critical

Same goes for wireless 


Hope I was able to narrow down the search a bit 


Thanks in advance :)

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thanks for the reply :)


What keyboard do you use? You do not feel that the drop keyboard will not be a big upgrade compared to what you have? After all, it is quite basic and the RK actually feels quite high quality in terms of construction ... maybe I just still did not feel what a really high quality keyboard is


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The RK87 is a Chinese toy and is just like the million mechanics that can be bought at Bali Express for $ 50. The drop ENTER is much more serious and high quality.

There really is nothing to compare. 


The SHIFT especially the high profile is mechanical at a very high level in terms of case and probably the last one you will need. Its disadvantage is buttons that are not wow in quality for the price and a selection of non-quality switches that can be found. 


A combination that can really be considered an end-game in the field without entering the whole costume world that is anyway above a certain level more aesthetic and practical interest, would be to take the shift or ctrl in the discounted high profile barebone version and buy the switches and buttons separately. 


It comes out a little more expensive but the difference is huge and really closes interest here, and any other mechanical quality as it will feel like a sidegrade rather than a level upgrade. 



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