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Recommendation for a home laptop, weak in performance, reliable over the years, and easy to use

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I want to buy For home use.



The computer will be used primarily for typing, emailing, and possibly browsing.

And sometimes, viewing photos and videos from the home camera. 

In short: allow for poor performance.



But I want the computer to be used by me for good years (say: 7 years)

Will not break or spoil, and will be reliable and strong.




I want it to be comfortable to use.

Good keyboard, bright at first.

Good touch surface.

Good screen and pleasing to the eye.

No folding computer or touch screen required.


Specific details:


Budget: up to NIS 4500, but on the condition that the "value for money" justifies it. I do not want to spend money on connections or a camera Quality.

Screen size: 15.6

Display: I prefer a matte display, which I read is more convenient to work with.

Keyboard: good and comfortable

Operating system: win 10 home. (Or alternatively, acne separately And Etkin, and this will be weighed against the viability of the computer)

Ports: No special ports required.

Hard Drive: Preferably . Preferably 512GB, but I can also settle for 256.



What do you think about these alternatives?,1066155


Do you know of any better alternatives?

I prefer to buy in Israel, so as not to need a keyboard replacement, etc.


Thank you to all the respondents!


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  • Judas the programmer changed the title to Recommendation for a home laptop, weak in performance, reliable over the years, and easy to use

Your requirements are modest and the budget is respectable. In the days when they were repaired you were supposed to find a proper computer easily. The problem is that the supply today is low and if you limit yourself to buying in Israel - you will find that the selection is particularly limited and tomorrow is high.

The fundamental problem with the kind of questions you have raised is that the vast majority of forum members can attest from their experience that it is a limited AFR.

In my case, for example, I can testify to two devices of I have one, one from the Zenbook series, and the other from the old N series, which have been operating flawlessly since 2013. The old age has not yet given them signs. At work I use a laptop from the Elitebook series . The products in this series are designed for improved mechanical durability and this is well noticeable.

If you do not have a problem with English, what I would do for you is to browse best laptops or best laptops under lists, on sites such as cnet, pcmag, laptopmag, wired, etc. In my experience, the added value of reading these lists is noticeable when reading reviews on sites Such as Zap and the like. In purchases of this type I usually cross-reference information from some serious sites, and then decide whether I am purchasing in Israel or abroad, on the pros and cons of both options.



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Thanks Yoav for the response!


I am familiar with these reviews on best laptops etc, they are usually divided between business and home computers.


My case is complex: I want the quality of a business computer, but the performance of a home computer.

I prefer to purchase in Israel, because of the speed of delivery (especially now that there are no flights) and the Hebrew keyboard.


I think the latitude I presented above is pretty good, and I would love if someone would offer me something better than it.

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Regarding the link you attached - note that clicking on what should be a link to Latitude 3400 will take you to a page on a store's website -online that displays another model (latitude 3510) that is not in stock (unless I missed something).


General note about this series - I recommend taking a closer look at the computer to get a first-hand impression of it, before purchasing. There are those who like the plastic finish and there are those who have reservations about it. I also read reviews here and there about the quality of the display. For me, personally, this is one of the most significant parameters in choosing a laptop. And one more thing - Priced in the country is too high for my taste. 


It's worthwhile in my opinion to examine the Elitebook series of . In terms of durability, this is one of the most prominent products on the market. If you go one or two generations back, I think you can find a model that also meets your budget requirement. See for example online reviews of the Model 830 for generations (G6 and G7).

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By and large the DELL INSPIRON models are more home models so if you are looking for a powerful computer I would recommend more to look at the VOSTRO models which are more physically powerful as well as the model The Latitude you brought is an old model with an 8th generation processor. I would recommend looking for a processor at least 10th generation or even 11th, although very poor in this section and not with Generation 11 so 

Anyway maybe I would consider this computer (If so you will need to do some research on it)

All this is supposed to be in the supply segment of But as for other companies I can tell you that for example the Lenovo series ThinkPad is the more physically powerful and long-lasting series 

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By the way, I am also exploring the possibility of buying without , And install separately.


I started a discussion in the nearby forum, where I wonder why the prices of the operating system in ZAP are much lower, and how you can buy OEM separately from the computer.


Buying an Operating System - Windows - HWzone Forums

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Quote of my father 234

Anyway maybe I would consider this computer (If so you will need to do some research on it)


Thanks for the detailed answer, the model you introduced is an i7 with 256GB .

Therefore, I would prefer this model, that the processor is weaker, the hard drive is larger, and the price is low.


Dell Vostro V3500-5600 Dell Laptop - Zap (

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You probably won’t fall for any of the alternatives you mentioned, but I would invest a little more research before purchasing.


As for the Vostro, the reviews in the following link are quite positive, and they note favorably the screen, the rigidity of the structure, and the quality of construction. The computer is responsible for the fact that it does not include a dedicated video card.


The ProBook you mentioned gets a reasonable review at the following link, but it is explicitly stated that it is better to go for the EliteBook, among other things for screen brightness reasons.


The EliteBook gets a very positive review here:


Next review for Pretty lukewarm.


In addition, I allow myself to send you to Schneider Computers' website. They have a selection Not bad with the option of comparing models that makes it easier to identify the differences between related models. To the best of my recollection the prices in the store are quite reasonable and the service, the two times I needed it, was impeccable.

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