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Hi everybody

Thanks for the help in advance


I feel I need more To the computer, it starts crashing on me all the time.


It's my motherboard and what it supports and the existing memory




I want to upgrade to 32 which means I have to buy 2 of 16


I will be happy to make recommendations


Thank you








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thanks for the reply.

The use of the computer is mostly loads and loads And RSTUDIO working on Of the computer (all data processing)

I see in TASK MANAGER that both drink the memory in MEMORY and some of the time also in CPU

I thought it was a good solution


I'm wrong?



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Memory deficiency should not cause the system to crash, only slowness and crashes in extreme cases, does the memory fill up completely? If so then maybe an upgrade will cause a change in the user experience, but again crashes should not happen.
I do not know the requirements of RSTUDIO, but Should work out very nicely with 16 GB.

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I will clarify the intention

Chrome crashes or computer crashes and does not move

A snapshot now that almost everything is closed on the computer


Most of the time For much more than that and MEMORY is at 99%

This is not something else Will solve? (What yes?)

The computer often does NOT RESPONDING on Chrome \ OUTLOOK \ RSTUDIO


Thank you very much for your time


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Your memory is 2133MHz.

Your board supports up to 2400MHz, sometimes the board and processor let do For higher speed, sometimes it is blocked, in your case even if possible it will be limited because your board is not z170, also the benefit in your case will be negligible, in short regulation The cheapest 2400Hz you find, if there is a good price on higher speeds also possible, are you now on xmp in the BIOS ?, if you do not turn on, then turn off and see if there are crashes.

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