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GTX 750 TI 4GB Reviews


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I am looking for a cheap video card that is also suitable for games I found this card GTX-750-TI 4GB on paper is stronger than 1030GT, worth buying? I currently have Very weak HD5770 / GTS450 Will I feel a difference in performance? My CPU is also weak I3 3220 so even a strong video card will not fit because of the bottleneck 

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Quote of iveco


And the GTX 750 TI? He is significantly stronger than him

These tickets are not really intended for the gaming of 2020/21, it is better for you to get a 2nd hand card from a more advanced generation.

Or buy a console Used, available today With some games for less than 1000-800 NIS.

Of course it's better to save for a new gaming computer, but ... I think a console is better than a computer with a 750TI card.

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Quote of Moon-Mage

I sold mine two weeks ago ~ at 550

The truth is precious. If that's what it's worth then gtx750 is worth 150. 

Tradson has 1060-3GB at 300 if the ad is still relevant 

But from past experience the discussion opener is not interested in deviating from the path of thought in which he is and therefore to the original question - yes gtx750 will give a significant improvement over 5770 / gts450

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I bought 1070 second hand for NIS 700. So you can find nice things for a few hundred shekels.
But it's all a matter of how much you are willing to invest.
If you are willing to compromise on gaming in low settings like you said, then a card like 1070, which holds 8GB , A few hundred shekels can be enough for you for a few more good years.

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I see on YouTube full of snippets of And they play with 1030GT and the games work fine without lag, so if for NIS 300 I can buy a GTX 750 TI with an unequal warranty? 

Do not want to invest over NIS 400 !!! I have no problem playing in the LOW MED settings The problem is that with the HD5770 and GTS450 even in the lowest settings the game "MAFIA" new "2020 does not move 

Edited By iveco
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I do not know what games these YouTubers run, on what settings and on what hardware.
But you can have fun looking for comparisons and charts of Across the internet, you will have to dig a bit because these are not models that a lot of polls because they are not really meant for games.

If I bought a 1070 for NIS 700 (and it's not exactly a price like weed - it's about his second hand price range), I guess a normal ticket like the 1060 will cost you around NIS 500. It's a little more than the 400 you mentioned but will get a much more normal performance and will hold you for a lot longer.

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