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Is it right for me to study programming or cyber?

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I do not come with a background in programming or cyber, at most, I know quite a bit of reading HTML without ever trying to learn, I just understood on my own.

In the psychotechnical tests I did, it turned out that I was a researching, artistic and social person with a very strong verbal side.

I do not connect to formulas in mathematics, it is boring and I honestly never in school understood why it should interest me at all, however research on things very interesting to me, a place where I can realize my self and express it. So probably in computer science I will not survive unless I improve my mathematical side, but even then there is a situation where I will get bored.

I understand that today high-tech is the place to get drunk with dignity in Israel, so I am very afraid of choosing the humane side. Of course there are other things I thought about like visual communication and such. I am interested in, for example, website development and construction, editing , Animation, design, informatics (mainly security, Ministry of Defense, etc.), journalism, etc., but regarding programming and cyber, because I do not know what all these great terms mean, I do not know if I connect or not, because in the end beyond the profession I will engage In it, the learning phase can sometimes be very different from the doing itself, and even as I try to read and understand these terms I discover more terms that I have no idea what they are saying. That is why I would be happy for your help.

Do you know any type of programming or cyber (that I know are two different worlds, though do not really know the differences between them) that I might be able to connect to? Yes feel realizing myself, can express, influence, change things and is not all day around "weird formulas"? I have no problem with professional training only if I can make a decent living from it, I also believe that 4 years of professional training can sometimes be significant more than 4 years of a degree that you do not really need everything and will not engage in all the things you learned, especially in high tech looking for a product that produces money and not Only degrees.

Thank you


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Quote of multicore

If this is what leads you, you can give up in advance.

I wrote that this is what leads me? I'm asking about an unknown field, it's a significant reason for me to find out about it

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You do not need a certificate from anyone, in the field of computing and communication you have endless learning materials.
Make it a habit of learning 3-4 hours every day in a particular area, and see if it appeals to you.

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I'm trying to give you direction. I have been working in Debech Tech for 14 years and have experience in all kinds of aspects of the profession.

Everything you wrote in the description does not help to understand if it is right for you or if you are able to work in the field.

Explain again - what makes you want to work in this profession?

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It's hard to tell a person you do not know if he will like or be good at something. but...


Both software and cyber are not areas in which strange formulas are solved all day, but they are areas in which many such experiments are solved during school. Both areas require a very structured, orderly and precise way of thinking. You can not describe to a computer "roughly" what you want it to do: you must tell it step by step exactly what to do, think of anything that could go wrong and consider it. You must understand the mathematical rules on which software processes are based and know how to exploit them and how to work around them - to predict what a malicious factor (or user) might do and prevent it in a timely manner. From your description of yourself, you sound to me like a creative person who is actually strong in artistic activities and does not have an accurate mathematical perception of this kind. I'm not saying you are not capable of engaging in it, but it does not sound to me like something that will come to you naturally and you will probably have to put in more effort than other people in the field since wired that way.


Software and cyber are not areas that suit everyone. There are other ways to make a living and I encourage you to focus on areas that come to you more naturally. Why do you suffer during your degree just to get a job that requires you to suffer 10+ hours a day? As someone who has been in the software business for over 20 years and understands a bit about cyber as well, I have seen many people who did not fit into the profession and tried anyway because of the high salaries. These people, most of them, "sweated blood" on the simplest things and failed to advance in a career like the ones the software came to them naturally.


If you feel the need to work in high-tech anyway, maybe to get you from the direction of web design, or graphic design / screen design and user interfaces? In addition, high-tech companies also need marketing people, human resources managers, assimilators, etc.

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