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BAD SECTOR hard disk


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I did a scan with MHDD 4.6 and as the test started everything stopped and he found one error! And by the end of the test everything was fine the question is whether this is something critical or is it still possible to work like this?



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In principle a disk can function with BAD SECTOR - the software marks it and the operating system does not use it. Despite this in terms of production and size it sounds to me like an antique disc - it may have reached its age and the problematic sector is just the beginning.

I recommend that you download some software to check the SMART status of the disk. I can recommend from my experience the free Crystal Disk Info software from the site (I hope I am not breaking the forum rules here). This software will check the logical state of the disk and tell you if its condition requires immediate replacement.

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I checked with the CDI software on the two disks I have on computer 1 - with the operating system 2 - with all the backups listed in both CAUTION in yellow !!! Does that mean the discs are on their way to die?


Such a thing appears to me with a beep  :


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MHDD is more powerful in physical tests on a disk: it literally scans it physically and looks for errors. Crystal Disk Info does not scan the disk but issues a set of statistics that the disk stores as SMART. MHDD also knows how to output SMART statistics, but it presents them to the user in a less user-friendly way and without "interpretation".


As for the results, CAUTION mode says the disk is on its way to die. It has not yet been critically and irreversibly damaged, meaning it is still usable, but it is better not to keep it irreplaceable and unsupported. From my experience a disk can be in this yellow state for years and still function, but it will open additional BAD SECTORS if it is "ground". I recommend that you back up what you can (to an external disk or to the cloud) and make sure that the disk is not a single copy of important information. Of course it is better to replace the disks, but if you can not or want to then you can continue to use the disk until it is completely destroyed. I have had such a disk for years that I am currently using as a download disk (Netflix - I have a valid paid subscription!). The assumption is that even if part of the film is damaged it is still usually possible to watch it, and even if it is not terrible - just download again.

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