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Do not understand what this means Base speed and turbo speed (or maximum):

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I want to buy a laptop and I noticed that there is In all kinds of laptops with low base speed.

For example this laptop:

Its base speed is 1.3 GHz and it can reach up to 3.9 GHz.

Does this actually mean that most of the time my computer will be low speed?

At low speed I mean how the computer responds.

Is he agile in opening software, Explore files etc, or is delayed and everything is slower?

Will it be agile or relatively slow within the software itself?

(It should be noted that most of the time the computer is not heavily used, but just edited in a loop, , Gmail and also occasionally zoom in (and rarely a little Premier))

For comparison, we have a laptop bought 9 years ago (dell vostro 3550).

Its processor is:

Intel i5-2450 (2.5Ghz)

If you go to the Intel website:

It can be seen that the base speed is 2.5 GHz and the maximum speed is 3.1 GHz.

From this data can I say that my antique computer will be "faster" in general than the above new computer?

I mean, this Dell computer is relatively weak?

How am I supposed to understand what is written here?

I do not want to spend a considerable amount and find that the computer "does not carry" as I usually do.

I would love to explain what's going on here and will I be happy with this computer or is it really better to invest more and get a processor with a higher base speed?


And of course I would love a recommendation for a laptop of this size (or 15.6 inches would also be great if there are more options to choose from in this area),

That its processor is good and that it has at least 8 GB of RAM.

(Hard drive of at least half a gigabyte - better but 1 tB if possible).

A video card does not have to be something special that is not played on this computer.

I just want to be as happy with this (new) computer as I was with the current one (which has apparently already done its thing).




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I found this computer:מחשב-נייד-dell-g3-gaming-15-3590-in-rd33-11696-דל

On the face of it, he looks good.

A processor with a base speed of 2.4 which is almost like we have now and it already sounds good to me.

And the price is reasonable (it seems to me).

There is even a 1TB drive for storage which is great + 256 drive To the operating system.

Only 8 GB (but according to what is written can be expanded so there will be no problem later).

Does this seem like a good option to you?

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You will see that you can save yourself a headache by going down to the details of how the different architecture is between the processors, and check you will get performance on Benmark websites.
There are several such sites, I only trust PASSMARK. It is based solely on true results and good weighting.

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It's a U processor

The TDP 15W

It roughly gives work at 25W for a few tens of seconds and after that drops to 15W

So if you are running compression , Heavy software and its performance is not something

For basic work that needs BURSTIM of performance for a few seconds there is no problem you will not feel a difference and an H processor with 45W

In short just an expensive processor

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