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AMD 5900X - OC Help.


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Okay, I'll do some About ryzen master because I have no idea what it's about and I'll check it out.


As for the voltage to this processor, is it advisable to try to pass the 1.35?

What is the maximum temperature for this processor?


Just intriguing me to know how much this processor can be squeezed into all the cores with my AIO cooler ..

Because as I mentioned earlier, even at 1.35V it is unstable at 4600.


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Quote of KF

That's what you tell me .. what's better on paper? I do not have that much experience with it.


Anyway I also render occasionally so I do not know is already better.


I will try to run PBO only and run Cinebench  To see what the result is.


Anyway do you recommend leaving on stock data and running PBO only?

For games, PBO is definitely better.

Turn it on, play with the CURVE (less voltage for the stronger cores) and if possible change the limit (if I'm not mistaken up to 200MHz more)

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Well .. I'll check it out in depth .. it turns out there is no need to run the PBO and we are done ..


There is the whole CURVE issue etc. where I have no idea what to do ..


I will try to Google it about what, what to define, how much and how ..


After a Google search I found it :



  • Precision Boost Overdrive: ADVANCED


  • PBO Scalar: Manual, 5X

  • MAX CPU PBO: 200MHz

  • Platform Thermal Throttle Limit: 255 (max)


I found it too ..



Edited By KF
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