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Why I will not return to buy at TMS Eilat ..

Aviram Ohana

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Aviram, I just bought a computer from KSP and you can see that after consulting the forum here I will have to visit their branch for the third time when only yesterday the computer was taken (first time to take the computer - said everything is in the package. Second time to take power cord and boxes when their representative argues not There are no screws left that they did not use and they do not bring the boxes and the representative said that there are also the screws of the drives . Luckily I insisted and he only agreed to bring the motherboard box. You can guess whether the screw was really inside the case or not. Third time for a few more small fixes like the wires that were horrible).


I can say that in this section TMS were fine.

Unfortunately the fall in delivery was not their fault, but the treatment after the fall was very bad and not even acceptable. Close with a customer on replacing a computer for a new one (a two-week-old computer that went down) when a representative says the call is recorded and there is nothing to worry about (I asked them to send a new computer first and then take the old one so they don't put parts that fell without me knowing). When I said explicitly that I would not be willing to accept fallen parts it is not acceptable.


So, I'm not sure KSP is better than TMS.



At the time I wanted to talk about it with Kirill because I still did not want to cancel the deal. I believe that maybe he would have closed the story to "satisfaction" (as far as can be called that I hardly had the computer for a month to my satisfaction).

Edited By law89
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After I recognized that it was Moran from Eilat who called me, tell me that he connected them and they are OK (OK for him it goes around)

So I'm waiting for the fans to come to Netanya now, so that their technician, Dvir, will check them out and see the problem. 

After seeing the problem, hope he wins me over ..

And may also apologize on behalf of the store 

Because they once said an incompatible board 

He once said a definition in the BIOS (what? What is the connection?)

Once said need a cattle 

Once said, need fusion software (hahahahahahaha I have a board No And he knows it)

What will I do ? In addition to laughing at his wisdom and knowledge, Elek Adon is the manager.


I will not give up - I will get my 150 shekels credit, and I will buy an M570 mouse, and that's it, no closer to this store.

(Unless they tell me, Moran Elek, Eilat Potter branch manager, sorry, there was a mistake, mistakes happen, there is nothing to do, we humans 

We will be happy if you continue to purchase from us)

Because either there is a laboratory in Eilat and he tests the goods, or there is not. If so, why am I waiting for it to come to Netanya

If not, why did he check it last time and decide to send it to me again?!?!

Maybe so that the 14th day will pass and then he will roll it on to the Netanya branch just like he did ..?!


It was agreed that we would wait for Dvir to receive them, check if he would be able to activate them.

Lee runs on the board, every strip I connect, ARGB and also , And also working fans and everything ..

I'm a freak My whole house has LEDs, will he teach me LEDs? Of course not ..


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Released (Edited)



KSP are better in service, because it will fail, they replace immediately, probably within 14 days !!!

That this is my biggest problem .. The manager of the Eilat branch claims - they were opened and can not be returned .. 

How do I open a friend and see that they are not working properly? And they also came to me with "open" packaging without a sticker or anything 

So what is he blabbering on about? 

He tried to sweep it under the rug, he thought I had no way to move it to Eilat, that I was their sucker ..

I will not give up, and I will show him that not only was he wrong, he also lost a good customer and treated me with disgust (leave I heard him cursing said a cup of emek or something after he thought he hung up and did not hang up the call (because I told him good bye bye) and the call was not cut off .

And that the managers of TMS will see this and decide what to do with such an employee. 

Who once takes the law into his own hands checks as if he has a lab there and does not have one 

And your mouth is comfortable for him he does not check. 

I also ask him - why did you give me a controller if you tell me it's a software thing, that needs fusion software (which is software of In general) and I have an ASUS board

With AURA software. So why visit? 

Forget I smell from miles people who do not understand in this great field called computers ..

Maybe in networks and software he knows something 

Hardware, I do not think !! 

And do not tell me that you need a controller to function as a splitter, because a splitter for ARGB is a total thread, and also, do not need it at all 

Because every fool who has ever connected ARGB fans knows that they can be threaded .. Female to the board - male of the same fan to the female of the next fan and so on will thread 60 fans (if you have enough power on the board to move all the LEDs (depending on the type of fan and manufacturer) 

Leave, he's chattering.


As for your statement, there is no such thing as TMS being better than Ivory or KSP being better than both.

I'll bring you customers who will curse the three stores 

And there are customers who will love each of them ..

Depends on the service .. (I once Moran told me, you do not matter what I do for you you will not be satisfied)

That he totally knows me from the phone, we talked just the first time, so I realized he's not really looking to help 

He's looking for a page .. and I will not be browsed! @ 

I'll tell you, I was the manager of the Ivory branch, I opened the Ivorian Dizengoff branch myself. 

I sorted goods on the shelves .. I know service from that 

There are people I would call later, what's up, what about the computer? Everything is good (and I know everything is good, just for the customer's feeling) I know from this to give service 

From that they would fly at me, then they would come to the mall and come in to say hello to me 


Aviram comes and tells me which computer I am super happy with, a waste of time (and I am just sitting with the next customer and selling him a computer)

They were happy with me as if I had designed, built and molded the plastic with which they assembled the computer.

How good, how beautiful, right,

 It suits me, and millions more such and such compliments.

So service, I still do to the customers I had from her name - and I am today Ashkelon for 10 years after ..

So what is he telling me like that anyway? Do you understand 9 Where is the most serious defect in this person that Alek runs the branch named in Eilat? Very bad and a pity that it's just a pity, but it's a pity for them, not me, so what do I care ..? 

Edited By Aviram Ohana
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I will answer you the opposite because the first part is more important.


a quote

That this is my biggest problem .. The manager of the Eilat branch claims - they were opened and can not be returned .. 


The fact that it opens does not mean that it cannot be returned by law.

Usually these companies tend to say that a power connection is considered usage - but if it is a distance selling transaction, it is not true (do not know what transaction it was).


a quote

KSP are better in service, because it will fail, they replace immediately, probably within 14 days !!!


Absolutely not, and I do not lack examples for both the first part you wrote about the service and the 14 days. I'll give you one case. A cell phone purchased and delivered to their lab within 14 days. Confirmed a malfunction and told me to choose between a refund and a replacement. I asked for a replacement. Once again sent within the 14 day period from the moment I received the device and once again a malfunction was verified in the lab.


I asked for a refund (I decided that there was no point in wasting my time on another attempt. They did not agree that 14 days had passed since the purchase of the first cell phone (and obviously they passed because each test takes them two weeks). I explained to them that if I asked for a refund and bought a new cell phone 14 days would not pass And it's just like making a replacement.

Did not help with them and took out my soul with it. Only a threat in a small lawsuit caused them to reset.

I hate companies that behave this way.


a quote

With AURA software. So why visit? 


Regarding the lights - I never understood the great love for them.

After all, I tried to enter the software and I also have a problem (if I mention I will upload a picture tomorrow)



And like I said, Ivori's experience has been very good.

The rest is much less.

Edited By law89
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Hi my friend ..


Yes it was a distance selling deal, my father came to collect the parts I ordered on the site .. 


Anyway today got back to me from TMS there is an update

A nice guy named 'Dvir' the director of the laboratory in Netanya came back to me and told me what I thought I would hear 

The fans are faulty, yes I checked them, sorry, in Eilat they are not technicians they could not know it .. 

(So ​​why did they check in the first place?) Maybe they wanted to be nice? 

I was taught, and it's so true ... with good intentions you get to hell

And he said to the credit of Sheeran, the manager of the Eilat branch, that "Pirgan" told me on a used cattle that they had a name. 

So he really tried .. but sometimes, it's really unrelated - the product will really go wrong 

And another freak Like me will not notice it? No situation .. one light bulb on my computer will make a problem I will see the rebellious and fall on it with solder immediately !! 


So he said they are not OK, they now know again to the Eilat branch, I talked to the Eilat branch, they told me to put the order on the mouse I wanted instead of their website, and they will order it and only when the fans come to the Eilat branch, after two more days, they can win me .. (which is a bit weird and not what I wanted)

I expected them to win now, to make the credit now (to get to it when they get to. What do I care?

But yaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Although my father came to me from Eilat this coming Shabbat, and can bring me the mouse already on Shabbat ..

I'll wait until next week, to bring it to me already on holiday ...... not bad .. yeah .. I compromised .. I do not have the strength to argue either .. (do not want to be the customer marked problematic with them) What I can give up in a normal setting, I will give up my share ..

So I gave up (or oh what a graduate I am) lol


that's it

conclusion :

Too bad he did not send it straight to Dvir in the lab he would have solved the problem within a few days ..

But I'm sure he learned from this mistake. 

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Friends - those who buy a computer + assembly - can come to the store with complaints. 

Anyone who buys parts and tries to assemble on their own and it "does not work" - should perform the surgery himself, or at least bother himself to get to the lab and get help from the staff. 

I have nothing to do with TMS, but I bought my last desktop computer from them. 
I bought a complex computer, and they asked him for permission to send it with a video card disassembled for shipping reasons. 

When the computer arrived - it did not work - and a 5 minute phone call solved all my problems. 


When I buy parts - the supplier should not know what I have, what I do not have and what my knowledge is in assembling them. 

If you are missing a part - and it is not part of the kit you bought - you need to know this ..... read the manufacturer's specifications and understand how to make the connection and what other parts you need. 


When you send a "courier" to the lab - do not expect much - he at most takes and there, and not beyond that - the technician should not guess what is not working for you. 



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