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Poor wifi reception on a DELL computer

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I have owned a DELL laptop for almost a year, sample: Dell Inspiron 3493 i5 1035G1 1.0GHZ 512GB 14.0 HD MX230 8GB (3493-1035G18G51GWOS)


Since its purchase, there has been a problem of lack of wifi reception. The problem exists in the computer because there is excellent wifi reception in the room when using computers Others and smartphones have no problem at all. 

There is reasonable wifi reception when bringing the computer closer to the wireless router or using a hotspot on the phone when it is close to the laptop. 


I was thinking of replacing the network card with another one with better performance, but I do not know by what standards the card Need to stand to fit the motherboard that is installed in the calculator and is its replacement expected to solve the problem?


I would be happy for a reference



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The best way, in my opinion, is to just go for an adapter .

There are several types, from NANOs that are barely noticeable to larger ones.

It all depends on the router you have.


The main problem with replacing an internal WIFI card

It is not certain that the BIOS of the laptop will allow working with another model / type / manufacturer

From what is currently installed, and sometimes the mobile is simply built not the best in terms of WIFI.

So even with card replacement possible, no significant improvement in performance is guaranteed.

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Thank you! 


I purchased an external USB adapter such a. There is no improvement in performance. Are there more recommended? 


If there is a solution in the form of a card replacement Internally, I would prefer it by dozens of counters. So I ask if there is a ticket At a higher level that will physically fit the computer as well as Of the computer will get along with it. 

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Suggests that you contact Dell Support and open a call about it: 



You will be asked for the Service Tag code (usually located at the bottom of the laptop).

They will check if the computer is still under warranty and if necessary they may also replace a component (depending on their test).


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First of all, there is definitely a situation that ...

Quote of ag43

If you are in the same room without walls, etc. and the reception is not good, you will be responsible. Not bad chance that the internal antenna is disconnected / problematic.

Then no internal card will help.

Therefore, it is also worth checking with you or in front of Dell (as suggested above), what the warranty status is and if it is topical, send for repair.


Plus, an anonymous manufacturer adapter ... hmmm a bit problematic.

Again, depending on the router you have at home, choose one of these or similar

Them (from the manufacturer's) in another store -



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We turned to the service of In Israel, the computer is responsible. The problem is that they do not come back to us and there is no reference on their part. 


I turned to Del Global to see if they had a solution. 


How can I check for myself if the internal antenna is disconnected / problematic? For me to replace it and the wifi card, the main thing is that the problem will be solved. 

We turned to the service of In Israel, the computer is responsible. The problem is that they do not come back to us and there is no reference on their part. 


I turned to Del Global to see if they had a solution. 

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Checking a connected antenna is always good,

What else is there to lose?

At least I meant one of the antenna cables

Which enters the screen frame is "chewed" or becomes abnormal

Because of the opening and closing of the screen or any other problem created in the cable

For one reason or another.

Since it requires more than removing a bottom lid, it is not advisable

Tinker beyond that.


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The wifi reception problem exists from the moment the computer is purchased. My girlfriend's computer, she assumed "that's it" and did not turn to exercise responsibility. 


The computer also has a fault in the charging socket, at the moment the computer is unable to charge. When I turned to Del , The fault they claim is not covered by the warranty because it is an "accidental fault" (this was exactly the definition of the representative), another representative claimed that in his opinion the problem should be covered by the warranty and that he would get back to me. guess what? He did not return. 


I finally decided to contact Del Global, their response is much more serious and supportive and they promised to send a representative on their behalf to me who would take the computer and return it repaired to my satisfaction. 


We'll wait and see what happens ... 


Thank you all for your help

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