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Upgrading the x58 system to xeon, I would be happy to help.

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Hi, my first post.
(Does a coffee party because I have already posted in English in other forums.


So I have a x58a ud3r rev2 motherboard with an i7 950 and 6 (3x2) gigabytes of I also have a R9 390.
I snooped around online and found out I can upgrade my computer without spending too much money and so I went ahead and bought A 5675 processor on .
.I have some experience in computer building though it was back when Pentiums reigned supreme so it's been a while.

So the processor itself cost around 20 bucks and my question is can this Xeon work with normal or do I have to get ecc? if I do need ecc will my mother board support it?
Is there an Overclocking guide video online that deals with the exact motherboard that I have? (have not found one).

Regarding the size: since my motherboard supports 24 GB of and triple channel I guess my best option is go with three sticks of 8 GB though I cannot seem to find it anywhere and would love a recommendation on where to get this kit.


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several questions:
How long has the system been stable for you?
Have you encountered difficulties along the way?
Did you build it yourself?
I notice you did not Is there a reason?
The frequency of your memories is low (666) Why? Which These and why did you not go for 24?
Which Do you have a processor?

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The system has been operating steadily for about two years.

I had an i7 930 that I replaced with a Xaone on my own, no problems.

I tried a little , I did not have patience at the time, preferably also Faster.

The frequency of the memory is 666x2.

That's the name .

Double data rate


12MB was enough for me , I also did not want to invest too much.


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Thank you for the information!
So all I want is to remove the old processor and put the new one in place + thermal ointment and replace the fan?
Will the windows I already have installed work or actually need to be reinstalled?
Unfortunately the link you sent does not reach anywhere on Amazon


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Download and assemble and that's it.

It is advisable to update BIOS first.

No need to install Again, maybe one or two restarts.

Look That suits you, does not have to come in a kit, it is desirable that they be the same.

In the manual of the motherboard it is listed that it is possible That the chips are on one or two sides which is good.

Search the internet to see if you can put a single 8GB stick, if not required 6 ,

Check that it is possible with the fan.

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