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Calibration of screens - good news

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To all readers of this discussion - 


If until now you did not feel / know / were aware

For the purpose of calibrating your screen - do not be tempted and be deceived 

From bombastic promises that promise to turn the screen

In your NIS 300 for something that others have paid ten times the amount.

On the contrary !

The changes can show adversity, even if they are made as required.


And those of you who deal with professional content creation -

Do yourself a favor and do not let the experts on their own shave your beard.

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Popular responses

One of the big problems with monitors in general and modern monitors in the era of wide color gamut, is incorrect colors, sometimes overly saturated, to the point of presenting a surreal and irrelevant image that bothers many.

Is it possible to detail the calibration equipment?

This is not exactly the definition of volunteering. Regardless, it is in my opinion the posting of a paid service and may be against the rules of the forum. Even if not, this post is really not of interest in my opinion. You bought yourself equipment, you will renew. But come and ask the khaki

Attached Images

How did I know she would not resist the temptation and respond. Exposed in his pussy and does not understand.


Now instead of pumping mantras, slogans, let us explain:

 Show examples of calibration of some cases, and show us how the calibration can be bad and all the claims you have made before us ....

Because empty claims are not convincing, without proof, an explanation and demonstration is also desirable. 

To ensure that the demo is authentic on our screen, perform it using standard DSLR calibrated by sRGB.

So that we are on our calibrated screen we will see exactly the source you photographed one by one and we will understand.


What, can not do?

It's easy - photographer Just, make a video, and upload it here - the forum receives videos in mp4 format - I uploaded several times

On different occasions assures you that it works. Ready to lend you a professional calibrated DSLR do not be ashamed.


Do not excuse yourself by searching for materials on the net that will bring us, be original, create the content yourself.

You will see that you really know and control the umbrella, and not looking for others to do the work for you.

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Quote of nec_000

How did I know she would not resist the temptation and respond. Exposed in his pussy and does not understand.


So what's the point of coming up with requirements for one?

Ahhh, what is DSLR? From dinosaur language or something like that?

I actually thought that - Alpha 7 III will be fine ......

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