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Computer does not recognize video card

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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Quote by Manny Moore

I checked the definition of the graphic internal and it was on auto what do you mean? I also tried disabling it and it still did not work


(In principle this setting should work) What options are there besides auto?  

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Quote by Manny Moore

Is there a situation where because it's without a case it's not laid out well or something?

That there is no case unrelated and unaffected. If not connected properly to the end and in a stable way certainly can affect. 


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I guess you mean enable / disable.


In the current situation, consider that there may be a situation where there is a chance that the PCIe connection is not working properly, if you turn off the internal screen (disable) and the connection to the external display is not working properly - there will be no display at all and the board will not be usable until you remove the battery. The board and reset the BIOS settings (will return the view back to the screen of the board). 


for your consideration.  


Edited By niron
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Quote by Manny Moore

Do you think there is a reasonable chance that this will be resolved?

Cleaning contacts helps in quite a few cases, especially in memories , But also in video cards ... it is a combination of contact spray to slot itself (if it is a contact problem) will solve the matter ... if it is worth a try it is already your decision ...


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