Promises aside, reality aside: GeForce RTX 3060 lands with double and triple prices than recommended - Consumer - HWzone Forums
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Separate promises, separate reality: GeForce RTX 3060 lands with double and triple prices than recommended


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As long as the miners make a profit from the tickets there is no reason for them to stop buying them.

And I must point out that limiting the capabilities of the card, whether it is locking professional features, mining or any other reason is an anti-consumer move.


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You have to understand that the MSRP is not some company's guess of what the price of their tickets will be. It's not that they "thought" it would cost $ 330 and "mistaken" it was the value of the product according to an official statement from the company. The fact that a certain store sells $ 500 tickets for $ 1500 is not that NVIDIA sold them to them for $ 1500. There are private people here who are making this profit on you, not Nvidia. So your remark that the company is "comically detached from what is happening on the ground" is not relevant at all. The recommended price for the consumer according to the company's announcements is not related to stock.
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I do not agree with you. Assuming NVIDIA would have programmatically restricted tickets that had already gone on the market and been sold to miners I would agree, and even call for legal action against them. But to say that limiting a new product to a particular niche (gaming only in this case) is anti-consumer is like saying that Porsche's choice to put only 2 seats in the 911 is an anti-consumer move against families with children. Nvidia wants to produce these cards for gaming only, and they have announced that they are going to market cards that are useless for gaming, and are dedicated solely to mining. In November, I built a computer specification for a friend to buy in Eilat and in TMS there was 3070 from Eilat for NIS 2700. Today I built another specification, and at TMS the same ticket in Eilat costs NIS 4500. As a consumer, I am much more offended by this than NVIDIA's choice to release two separate products to different markets.
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