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Please help how to increase drive c

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Want help on how to increase drive c.

I no longer have space left in drive c and I want to move to it Drive d.

Actually increase the volume of drive c at the expense of the volume of drive d

I am uploading a screenshot of 2 software I have. In the photo you can see the division I have on my computer.

Thank you very much to all the helpers







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He's right there's no possibility.


These two separate physical disks cannot be increased at each other's expense. I was Proposes to switch between them but I have the impression that the little one is And the big one is a regular disk so such a solution would greatly hurt performance.

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You can do this only in a virtual system (so you can allocate volumes and change them even after they are set), or in a RAID-based system (like NAS) where there are multiple disks merged into one array and then you can allocate them to partitions as you wish.

In your case, what you should do is purchase a new and larger disk (probably an SSD / NVME if it is a drive that contains your operating system), then duplicate the existing disk in a program that allows you to preserve the operating system (such as AOMEI Backupper, but any software that knows Do it right with a disk in it Will work - but not all duplication software will work. For example Acronis does not do it best).

This may seem like an unnecessary investment to you, but it's the situation. You can save the small disk you have left for backup purposes or sell it for a few pennies after you format it. I recommend purchasing at least Half a volume (500/512 GB) for the operating system. This is because each monthly update adds to the volume used.


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