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The internet just gets stuck every half minute for half a minute


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A problem that has been repeated for years and years, and has recently worsened:


The internet is completely jammed for about half a minute, and in the last day it also happens every half minute, unbearable it is impossible to surf at all


I have to say that I have a modem but it also happened with the previous ones, it is a problem that actually repeats itself over and over again, there can be months without once it happens, and suddenly today it happens all the time


what can we do?


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Quote of Jabberwock

Need to go into the interface of the modem to see the errors in the connection. If they rise all the time, a sign that there is a problem with the cabling and the cables need to be replaced.

I can go in and just guide me how to do it, because I have no idea

Quote of aviv00

I had another problem but maybe it will help you

Turn off the electricity from the main circuit breaker of the house, wait two minutes and turn it on

And maybe it will solve

Believe me I have tried such solutions so many times

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Quote of Jabberwock

Look at the modem Usually write down the address for the interface on it.

Should be registered as follows:

Or another address. It will then ask you for a username and password

And what to do there?

It gets worse by the minute, literally every 10 seconds gets stuck for half a minute and comes back as if nothing happened

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