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Replacing a laptop processor with another model of processor. is it possible?


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I have Antique of Dell (vostro 3550).

It has a processor i5-2450 (two cores and 2.5 GHz base frequency) released in 2012.

Can I replace the above processor with a better processor from that time?

For better I mean maybe a processor with 4 cores and the same or higher base frequency.

Or alternatively, a processor with two cores but a higher base frequency.

I guess you can find Sleeping on eBay but I do not know what to look for exactly.

So if this is indeed possible, I would be happy to recommend a suitable processor.


post Scriptum.

The current processor is also cool, but I told myself that if I do I will replace an internal drive and increase it , Maybe it's worth checking out this direction as well.



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Beyond the technical feasibility detailed very nicely above,

The question arises as to whether it is worthwhile at all.

The improvement in performance at Techel's, in practice, not on paper,

With a processor versus a processor, there will be no such significant,

Because everything can be inhibited by domestication .

It seems that replacement is hard and increasing It is the most worthwhile.

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Quote of yoavke

True for 6+ generation. Generation 4 is about 90-85%, generation 3 at least 50% can be replaced. Generation 2 about 90% can be replaced.

4th generation M or QM processors It is possible to replace U and HQ processors it is not possible. 


The processor in question can be replaced with a processor. The question is whether it will be able to dissipate 45 watts of heat. The current processor is 35 watts. The 4-core processor in this generation was only 45 or 55 watts. Generation 3 and 4 had 4-core 35-watt processors.

One should search the net if there are people who have performed and if it works for them.


The i7-2640m is a 2-core, 35-watt processor. It is the most powerful that surely works on your computer. 


This computer is a lot of work, if you are going to upgrade then first of all replace a processor and you will see that you did everything without any damage and that everything works properly and only after that will you go and acquire more memory and SSD .

In my wanderings last night I also found this:

Core i7-3540M 

Costs about 250 on eBay.

We'll see what happens.

Anyway thank you very much.


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It is not unequivocal, whether or not.

They both have the same socket (in a big way) - FCBGA1023

With a difference in the corresponding socket - 

It exists with PPGA988

And this is the future with FCPGA988


In short, you will also benefit from this discussion -


There are links to clarify the image.

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  • 2 months later ...

Okay I know it will not excite you as it excites me, but I did finally order Ssd sata drive On Amazon, which fits the 2.5-inch mechanical drive on this laptop (I did not know at all about this option and was constantly looking for a mechanical sata drive until I suddenly came across this option of In my wanderings here in the forum).

In addition from eBay I ordered Another 4GB RAM stick (In total there are now 8).

I opened the computer, inserted the RAM stick and replaced the mechanical drive with an SSD, installed Windows 7 on it (as it was before) and this computer just flew as if it had not been 8-9 years (approximately) from buying it.

Windows loads very quickly and software opens easily (I guess this is mainly due to the fact that the hard drive is an SSD).

Processor in the end I did not replace and stayed with the original.

Also, unfortunately I lost one screw that holds the hard drive, inside the computer (you can hear it sometimes if you shake the computer a bit).

At least one other screw holds this drive stuck in place (in addition to the sata connection itself).

And that's it, I'm happy for now.


post Scriptum.

I bought the thing too This cutie Which allows me to copy material from the drive I replaced, into the computer:


Thank you for your help and for the existence of this forum in general :-).






Edited By undav
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Unless you are 200% sure that the screw is in a place surrounded by plastic and the computer is completely static -

Get out , Of course power, disk, optical drive and everything you can that is not assembled for disassembly. Shake the computer well until the screw comes out.

Today he is just hanging around, tomorrow he will shorten your board and all your investment goes to waste. 


Of course if you shake and it gets stuck somewhere else without you taking it out, the situation may get worse ... : ( 

Edited By yoavke
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I'm afraid to open too much so I can not / will not put everything back in place.

I was thinking of refreshing the thermal ointment but after seeing what needs to be done to get there, I gave it up.

Getting to the hard drive and memory is the simplest thing there is. Just open the back cover.


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