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Replacing a GTX1030 card with a more powerful but inexpensive card

Dan Kessler

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I would like to replace my GTX1030 video card with a more powerful but inexpensive (second hand) video card.


I was thinking of:

* GTX 1060 6GB - Is 650 NIS a real price? 

* GTX 1070 8GB - Is 800 NIS a real price?

* 6G - Is 650 NIS a real price? Does it support the DX12?


What is recommended? Maybe something else?

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Quote of jackhammer

These are prices from a few months ago.
Today if you get 1070 at this price it's a bargain.
I sold mine for NIS 1500 a few days ago. (And there were quite a number of people who wanted to pay)


It's just not believing that prices have jumped like that, thinking you could have bought a 1070 in a new 1800-2000 4 years ago.

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