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Gaming screen instead of PG27AQ screen


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I purchased the screen years ago and the truth is I really did not enjoy it, the hardware at the time really did not support gaming at least not in normal frames.

Even today need a really serious computer for such a performance feel like I just paid for features like And even so it was at 60hz

The only thing that was good about it was the image quality relative to the other screens at the time and the fact that it could be rotated to a vertical position (like Giant)

Today I am building a system and do not want to make the same mistake again, so I thought in advance to go for a 2k screen with a high refresh rate 144hz maybe even more

And a panel Or VA. I less connect to concave screens and I would even like to go up towards 30-32-34 inches. I would be happy for guidance / recommendation

And another question is whether the purchase of screens from NEWEGG other than the warranty issue is the same as computer components that are only added VAT regardless of the transaction amount?

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Thanks for the recommendation and looks great. They're talking about full calibration. This is something that can be done with the eye

Or do you need calibration tools like he said in the video? Not most understand on screens and everything said there in the review

srgb, adobe , dci p3, hdr400. I seem to have homework 😅

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And I would not put it that way " Serious fees", Since this is not a transaction or a down payment for a transaction.

This is a minor, " With the participation of the member in a group purchase of the equipment", A group I set up.


After calibrating the screen mentioned above, Peaks will appear. I would even dare say, dropping jaws. This is one of the most advanced panels

There is currently in the industry, which is suitable for top screens, for editors And graphics. Who also happens to know how to do fast gaming thanks to

Very fast panel response speed. This is a bonbon screen with lots of technical capability, which just needs a good calibration, in order to get out

From him the impressive maximum he knows how to give, and just as the reviewer of unboxed hardware did which he very much

Experienced in the field, and the reviewers of rtings, who did reach a slightly less good result = only to the area of ​​6400 degrees Kelvin, and this is not

Limitation of the screen of course, but more a mistake of the calibrator, who probably is not so proficient in the process and did an easy job



For comparison, one of the new screens I bought (about two weeks ago), a modest screen, only 600-700 NIS of the order of ,

It went out 6507 degrees Kelvin, with the equipment I have and the knowledge I have gained in the field. It is not difficult to reach such a level of accuracy, just need to understand

How to perform and what parameters allow to get there. There is no reason that such a screen is as expensive as in the link above = 2000 NIS, no

Will reach such a high level of accuracy, or at least very close to it. Too bad rtings missed.


I can understand a level of 6450 or 6550 Kelvin which is a 50 degree deviation, but on a junk screen mostly used yes, old that already

It's hard to be precise with him. The 6400 they arrived on a new modern premium screen is how to put it mildly, a calibrator from inexperience. The hint

His mistake is emphasized and understood from the parameters he gave:








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Quote of nec_000


And I would not put it that way " Serious fees", Since this is not a transaction or a down payment for a transaction.

This is a minor, " With the participation of the member in a group purchase of the equipment", A group I set up.



In my opinion this is not a participation in the purchase, because in the end the equipment remains with you (and rightly so), the ownership of the equipment remains yours.

And I say this as someone who has no problem with you demanding money And even compliments on the initiative and it's fine to demand money for service, But should be called by the right name.

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 From the technical point of view of setting up purchasing groups, in principle there are two practical / principled approaches to doing this:


The first is to set up a pre-purchase group, i.e. to bind all the members, who will each put money in the cash register in advance, and then leave

To purchase the equipment. But it is a long and exhausting process, as collecting over 10 members in advance, takes quite a bit of time and sterilizes the practicality

That we will succeed in a reasonable time. I learned that most people (from my experience) just say:

"First you get equipment that will be available to me immediately, and after that I will bring the money to the cashier for the group purchase."

That is, they pretty much sterilize the process in advance with this approach and the group just isn’t set up. This is the reality from the field.


The second option is to form the group in advance, with zero incorporating members other than the chairman as the No. 1 member to form

The group, which means it will be merged, first investing the required cost on the part of the group organizer,

And after that when the equipment arrives in Israel, and becomes available to us as they say, only then ask who wants to join the group,

When the joiner already knows that there is no need for him to wait = he comes and immediately receives the value of the calibration, right at that second 

That he put the money in the coffers as a joining fee. Since the equipment has already been obtained, it is in the hands of the group here in Israel, and the knowledge to operate it exists.

There are actually no more obstacles in the way that motivate him to join.


Since in any case the amount is small, and does not lead to bankruptcy for an ordinary person (hereinafter the chairman of the founder), and since this is in practice

Probably the only option we understood to be practical = that would allow us to organize a group in a quick and effective implementation, so I chose this option. 

That is, before the group was formed, the equipment, the study, and the internship were obtained in advance, and only after all these were completed, the members joined one after the other.

Each at his own pace.


I noticed that in the test of experience from the field, the suitability of the members to join, when there is already a living process that exists, works and is accessible to them, is

Several times stronger than the previous option - of first putting money and waiting for the group to crystallize for many weeks,

A possibility that people shied away from. Kerry did not want to join for a fee, expecting that until everyone joins and the equipment arrives,

They really have nothing to do but wait. This way actually kept the members from joining the group, hence this option

Disqualified. It has no programming at all.


In practice it turns out that I made the right choice, first I picked up the group, and after that the members join it. I was present

In the end, the friends come, just like that. It is convenient for them to join at a cost of 100 shekels and immediately receive the consideration that the group provides them

In fact, they are members of it. Some of them are actually not from our forum at all, but from other groups and acquaintances (to which I belong).


We might put it this way:

While there are those who - when talking about an initiative to set up a group, only talk about how to set up, is the protocol

Of the ownership of the equipment is sufficiently regulated for their taste, with whom the ownership will be registered, whether there is a meaning of taxation and should be established

Company / corporation etc ...

From the experience of these approaches, remains in the talk box on paper, in practice this does not crystallize and does not solidify into steps

Operative. And on the other hand those who are less enterprising in barbarism, simply establish, , And the venture takes shape.

So I took the initiative, and I'm not surprised it worked out for us. Joining retrospectively afterwards and not in advance - is the winning recipe.



** I wrote in another thread to friends, to those who said it bothered them, that if they need an invoice and want to see it as a service and not

Joining the group, then me and the group (we have no interest in it and we are not businessmen and we are not a business for all intents and purposes), we can not help

to them. I referred them to a professional company that specializes in calibration, from which they will purchase the service. 

The benefits are receiving an invoice, defining the service as a legal service, the calibrator coming to their home / office - which is a bonus in general

Very big and comfortable that I support. The difference lies in the orders of magnitude of the cost:

They get the service 500 NIS plus VAT. Or 600 NIS including VAT -> which is the right amount for a private customer who can not

To qualify for VAT.


Every sensible person immediately understands, what did those who did anyway ... at first talk loudly about taxes and invoices:

That is, they all wanted a private calibration for their computer at home / laptop, but when the alternatives cost 600 shekels through a tidy service

And standards at market prices, compared to NIS 100 for joining a group of amateurs in the field. Proponents of paid service have pretty much evaporated

Not surprisingly. So apparently joining a group, it turns out, in the end is more appealing to amateurs ...  : ) 


** Yes can tell that he was one of the professionals in the field of graphics processing, one who tried to take advantage of us, who thought he had jumped at an opportunity,

Asked to help the group and save himself and his office the cost of the market price = 600 NIS professional service, and of course he

Rejected out of hand. Group members banded together to remove any doubt (and he did not understand it), only on an amateur background for home use only

And personal. Anyone who is a professional in the field of graphic work that is an office or business, can not need the group and it does not approve

The joining of such. 


The group is against the background of members, against the background of amateurs in the field, for the purpose of private personal use at home only. Therefore the price of joining is

Only symbolic in size six, the cost of standard service at the market price. And when the quota of joiners will cover the cost of the equipment,

The group will close. After all, this is not a group set up for profit. And as long as the total funds received from the group members to the fund

The coordinator, smaller than the group's total expenditure (for the cost of purchasing the equipment), is that the group is not defined as a for-profit business.

It is made clear to the zincs that the issue of tax is close to their hearts, that it is very important for them to express themselves on the issue, but without understanding the language of the law

In the field, and without knowing the rules of the group by which it operates. 


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