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Looking for an ATX chassis that can hold two motherboards, two power supplies


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Is it possible to create a system with two different computers in the same case?

So one computer will do a certain operation without interruptions and the other computer will do the heavy work


The idea may be a bit disturbed but the prices of the powerful processors are too high

So maybe this could be a nice solution

Especially since I have a few parts that can be used



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I remember once seeing a case that contained two panels, one And one itx but not two full size boards. In any case, at the price of such a special package, it would probably be better to invest the money in a better processor.


Anyway just because they sit in the same case does not mean that there is anything in common, it's still just like working with two separate computers sitting in different cases with separate disks, separate operating systems, kvm if you want to use the same screen and keyboard. In short all the things that make working with two separate computers so uncomfortable.

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I thought instead of putting a lot of money on an expensive processor like 10 12 cores


Cheap 6-core processor with IGPU

And put in a simple motherboard

So that it does not overheat


Put in their internal SWITCH and connect drives to the network

Things I need to do encoding or compression I will remotely log into this computer and compress the file over the network

Or via a drive that can connect to two computers at the same time [?]


The main computer will always give high performance as in games that need fast response time

The other computer will do the black "work" that slows down the computer


In terms of the case if it will be symmetrical diagonally

It seems to me that it will be possible to put two motherboards

ZA will not have a front side and both will be rear


It's still a draft idea I'm trying to find other issues with it

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A case containing two panels It costs a lot of money.

A case that contains two boards and is not particularly expensive is a case that the second board is ITX (and yet it is not a cheap case).

other Simple ones that you saw and connect with a hinge system will cost like two cases and a lot of work time without calculating the cost of the sawing devices assuming you have them.

Economically, it is better to buy two Simple and put next to each other and take advantage of the above time to make money.

If the second computer is for coding only it can be controlled remotely via a local network with RDP and save all the KVM.

This way the other computer can also sit in another room or in the same room in a position that does not interfere (shelf near the ceiling).


MOD Ying is not done for saving, it is done for fun and SHOW. 


Tasks that know how to take advantage of multi-cores can be performed on old XEONs and can be performed on 2nd hand generators 1-2. 



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