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Problem A stationary computer is connected to a new smart TV, in Windows 10 and there is no TV audio sound for the TV

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Hello you guys

I have a strange problem with a stationary computer connected to a smart TV She's new.
I want to set from a stationary computer to a TV will hear a sound.
I have 10 HOME ORIGINAL. I open "Sound Control Panel" -> "Sound - Playback"
Below I do not see in the list no TV connection (TV)
I checked advanced display settings -> select monitor -> and see below listed "monitor 1: toshiba-tb" (I only see one)
And that means a stationary computer does see . But there is no audio sound on TV.
I searched everywhere in windows 10 to turn on a TV audio connection and did not find one. I do not know.

How do you set up a connection from a stationary computer to hear a voice on TV?

The stationary computer is connected to the tablet TV if there is a DVI adapter for And there is an extension cord Connected to TV.

By the way: I used to have a TV in the model And it worked for me audio sound. but Audio does not work.
I checked the settings on the remote of And it did not help.

What could be the problem? No TV audio connection? Where do Windows 10 sound audio TVs?


I would really love help, thanks


here .....





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What happens if you select the digital device on the audio devices?


By the way, the problem with the DVI adapter may be.

There are those who make a sound and there are those who do not. (There used to be a difference between ATI's and for example)

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Hello you guys.

The motherboard has only DVI and VGA ports. I can not connect the audio port directly to the TV.
Because Hanging on the wall next to the wall. I do not have back access to an audio friend.
I do not understand, but why cable alone Not giving a voice?
I used to have a smart TV You hear a voice through a connection . Excellent slave.
Now I recently bought new . And there is no sound.


What is the digital standard. Where is this digital standard?
Stationary computer not connected External. I will go to a new acne computer store DVI-HDMI adapter
Could this is a malfunction in the adapter.
In case a new adapter will not work. I will also buy a video card GT710 VGA + DVI + HDMI and I will check
This video card.


I will update you ...


Thanks to the poor



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There were 2 options in the image you uploaded.

Although the TV option is supposed to appear.


If it worked with Otherwise then there may be a problem that is not in the cable.

Try updating the card driver for .


On my laptop I would also lose the ability to hear when connected to a TV with Certain.

Edited By Gimel
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