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Error 0xc000000e in Windows 10

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Hey need your help

May be an image of laptop, screen and text that says' Recovery Your PC / Device needs to be repaired The application or operating system could not be loaded because Fe: NSys2wn Error code: Oxc000000e required file missing containserrors. You'll need to use recovery tools. you don'thave any installation media (like disc or USB device) contactyou PCadministrator PC / Device manufacturer. Press Enter to try again Press F8 for Start-up Settings'


Just a point that wants to point out, do not know if important, it happened after being quite a bit And I left the computer on and did not connect to the charger.

As a friend and turned it on this screen went up.



A few more things I want to point out.

I have installation media on an on-key disk, after dealing with the CMD with the help of tutorials from YouTube and which guide on the network the installation media does not cost more.

But goes straight to this screen after the manufacturer's logo in the bot ..


The cause of the error is constantly changing.


The screen flashes at such a margin

This is a guide I followed  


I burned another installation media on another on-key disk, and installation begins but then there is a distortion in the picture, probably some stripe in blue that looks like this in a zigzag and there it gets stuck ..

Now I tried to use the same disk on key (the second one I created) and the installation does not go up, but goes straight to the error screen ..


Pressing F8 only does a kind of booty booty to the page and leads nowhere.


Huge thanks to anyone who will try to help ..


I wonder why the installation media does not come up, I do not have access now to CMD to execute other suggested commands.




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