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To those who were fortunate ......


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And break your head to what kind of fiber infrastructure to connect ...... to Cellcom or Partner.


If your building has two companies mentioned above, and the price is not the main consideration for you,

So here's a link that compares the methods of the two freedoms -


1. , Which uses the method  GPON.

2. Partner, which uses the Point to Point method (P2P).


The relation to the company in the link has no meaning.

The link is intended to explain both methods,

The disadvantages and advantages of each.

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This is very, very irrelevant to the end user and the thing that matters most is the provider that Cellcom is Netvision and Partner is a partner and each has its own segments and areas in which it is better or less and it is desirable that people who have a particular use look at the provider's performance.
Beyond that when I checked Partner were cheaper and really there is no reason to pay extra to Cellcom.

Another important point is that Unlimited and Cellcom are basically the same infrastructure and Unlimited can switch suppliers relatively easily so I personally am at Unlimited (if there was a partner I might have chosen them but I only have And Cellcom / Unlimited).

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I brought only the technical side of the methods used 

Each of the two companies.

In fact, in Cellcom everyone participates in the same fiber,

In Partner each consumer gets "his own fiber".

This is all pretty well explained in the link.

Prices, quality of ISPs and such and other promotions,

They are also of course considerations, but this can vary (quality)

While technology is what it is.

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What is there to contradict? Yes these are the technologies and their impact on the user experience does not currently exist, what you will feel is traffic shaping that some providers do to certain servers and your pings in games or your viewing experience in services Two things that are not at all affected by your infrastructure technology.

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It's like saying that consumers in "HOT" are not affected by their neighbors.

And you know that's not the case.

Also in fiber, if in a particular building there will be 2-3 consumers connected, then everything is fine.

When there is a block with 30 consumers, the story in the case of Completely different,

Regardless of the provider, which even at Cellcom does not enjoy a particularly good name (Netvision).

Edited By A-10
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The positions and opinions were brought.

I really have nothing to add beyond.

Not everyone has a choice, and those who do,

It seems to me they have accepted both approaches.


This is the main purpose of the discussion.


Edited By A-10
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I'll make it clear again -


What is important and for whom - for one who will determine and decide for himself.

Given (for that matter) supplier / price / / Availability is the same between the two methods,

Obviously it is better to go for P2P.


Fate wanted it, and at Cellcom both the technology is less good and the provider is bad!

Now, decide what's good ......


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If you were to bring this article as an explanation for technology then turn around, if you tell people that according to it they should decide you should understand that you are just misleading people and it makes a lot of sense for them to react to it.
At the end of the day for the end user what matters most is the power and even a 100MB DSL with a good power supply will be better for gaming / viewing streaming than 10 Gig Fiber with a power supply that does you traffic shaping and causes crashes all the time.

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